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    thats from like 2014?
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    Hi !

    she looks fun to make squirt and cum and moan and groan.
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    i wanna come by and swim with her?

    i wanna come by and swim with her?
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    Clubs/bars in Houston?

    or we could meet at Big Daddy's on 2920
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    Clubs/bars in Houston?

    there are a lot of bars, the "can i give her a ride there" was sort of a joke. dont misconstrue. however there are some lifestyle bars but in all reality, any bar near you should suffice, of course not a dirty bar!
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    Comment by 'burning1blueflame' in media 'Sexy wife'

    I sure wanna rub my cock all over those and have her suck the heap pop it out and rub it on the hard nipples as she looks up at me drooling
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    Would you guys fuck my wife?

    tell her come sit in my lap I will whisper it in her ear
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    Would you guys fuck my wife?

    i wanna slide up in that sexy ass and hear her moan as you see her face look up at and mouth gape open and then start grunting in pleasure
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    Clubs/bars in Houston?

    can i giver her a ride there?
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    Comment by 'burning1blueflame' in album 'Alana'

    I would like to see, or text me 2817219673 if you dare share her!
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    Anyone wamt to play?

    i wanna see her mouth open
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    wink wink

    wink wink