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  • Frustrating and tough without sexual satisfaction. Learning to practice Kamasutra technics to find happiness. Hope to find people of interest. Thanks
    Getting it out of my chest. Less than a week since my new membership here. New to this life style and my feelings are jittery, nervous, defensive, which may be good or bad I do not know at this time. Anyway lustful sex mind still makes me post reply and messages here. Hopefully my stress level will go down hereafter.
    It is my 3rd day since becoming new member. Really I enjoy couples, women, pictures of hot wide open pussy and large boobs the forum ready for cum tribute for your wife. Glad I am member here.
    Yeah Man to the wonderful couple, who made love to their friends and enjoyed, said the following in order to be a happy husband and wife for rest of their life.
    No pressure
    No huge expectations
    Make rules
    Trust one another
    May be I can try all the above and see where it leads to.
    Among other fun also I like consensual watching other's fucking.
    Getting naked and self stroking my cock while watching is really being in wonderland.
    Every early morning for couple of hours I enjoy sexual pleasure to have a happy day.
    Thought of pleasure with consensual participating new companion brings me more vigor and pleasure.
    Asian Older Man here for Oral sex near Atlanta. Prefers communication for details, pictures and each other interests -
    Fun items will be - Hygiene, openness, tension/shyness free atmosphere, desire in eye/body. hug, kiss, boob play, organ excitation, talk, undressing, cock/pussy play, use of toys/fingers/tongue/mouth, sucking. licking, eating, reaching climax/multiple orgasm, masturbate and ejaculate.
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