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    How many men has your wife fucked?

    Wow.. this message made my dick hard. My fantasy is to watch her so anything related to she and other guy makes me hard
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    How many men has your wife fucked?

    Hope so. I keep teasing her saying she won't like to suck my dick but she loves to suck others
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    How many men has your wife fucked?

    :). You are right. Took almost five years to convince her into this lifestyle. And everytime we plan to meet guys, need to push and seduce her to make her agree.
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    We indian couple interested in this life style

    Nice to see post from couple in India. We are also couple from India. Here hotwife or cuckold lifestyle is not so common. Difficult to find like minded people
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    Anyone want to chat about our wives?

    I love to chat about my wife. Ofcourse no pics sharing
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    Asian Countries Folks?

    We are from Hyderabad, India.
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    being a cuckold and having a small dick related?

    Desire to watch wife with other guy makes husband a cuck. In those, cuck may have decent size dick or smaller ones.
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    How many men has your wife fucked?

    My shy wife fucked three other men so far. All are planned and during couple parties. Two more guys with whom she craved for had only foreplay. She met those two guys without informing me at first and later she told me. In both cases, she had foreplay. Out of those two, with one she sucked his...