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  1. hubwithwantonwife

    Sophie Submits on the Riverbank

    Sophie Submits on the Riverbank (Part One) This is a faithful account of the moment I discovered I had been an oblivious cuckold. Enjoy😊 That Sophie, my wife, attracted men was not surprising. She is tall (about 5'9"), blonde, curvy, with deliciously soft D cup tits. One of my favourite...
  2. hubwithwantonwife

    Island Adventure

    Island Adventure This happened about 25 years ago when Sophie and her girlfriend went to Great Keppel Island (off the coast of Central Queensland) for the weekend. I have done my best to faithfully tell the events as they were recounted to me. I was at a sporting carnival. Each year I would...
  3. hubwithwantonwife

    Wives going for a night on the town

    Let’s talk about our wives going out for a night on the town. How does it work for you? What does she wear? What happens when she comes home? I’ve written a brief description of how it has typically worked for us. And I’ve added a couple of pics from the archives of my wife’s adventures. For...