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  1. Jake2Snake

    Seattle Bull Willing to travel far

    30 year old white male 8 inch cock to add to a thick girth. Love creampie wives of all ages. Pm if you’re interested. I am willing to retraced at own expense.
  2. Jake2Snake

    Open for business

    Pm me if you’re interested. Willing to travel at own expense. Let this Afghanistan veteran give your wife a proper fucking.
  3. Jake2Snake

    Erotica First time

    Just kind of curious to see a reaction, if I’m any good at this. I’m going to break it up into parts. Tell me what you think at the end All night he had the scent of her perfume buried deep in his nostril. The date was coming to an end, the whole night the couples eyes made love staring into...
  4. Jake2Snake

    Need Experienced Cuck Input Please

    Can someone give a detailed report on the levels of extreme Bulls can get? What is the definition of each one starting at the very polite bull ending at the top Just curious.
  5. Jake2Snake

    Bull Fantasy

    My biggest fantasy is to get a slutwife pregnant three times. Can anyone help me with this goal? Willing to travel far.
  6. Jake2Snake

    Ideal Bull

    Describe what your ideal bull should be? Character? Length and thickness, compassion etc?
  7. Jake2Snake

    Ladies Creampies

    Ladies what is the most you have been creampied in a 24 hour period?
  8. Jake2Snake

    Pool Fucking

    I once had a threesome in a pool and got caught by the cleaning staff. Share your stories!
  9. Jake2Snake

    Fucking in Random Spots in Public

    Does anyone else love fucking in public hidden? Anyone like pulling off the interstate, to a rest area for an afternoon fuck in the woods? What a rush. I’ll leaving a dripping creampie in hidden cover.
  10. Jake2Snake

    King BullBreeder

    Professional bull looking for a long term couple relationship ages 18-55. Willing to travel out of my own pocket. I’m located in Seattle you can reach me at +15158903319. Looking to breed a wife with a hairy right pussy. Expect three loads a day, until you’re carrying my child.
  11. Jake2Snake

    Looking to put a baby in you tonight

    Looking to breed a sexy milf. 18-50. Hit me up at 515-890-3319
  12. Jake2Snake


    Bull in Washington state looking for cuckold couples. PM me. Seattle
  13. Jake2Snake

    30 year old white bull loves breeding

    Hello, I’m very thoughtful and caring. I’m 30 years old, I’m just over 8 inches long. I’m more wise if anything. I’m looking to fulfill a couples fantasies. I’m very generous and treat you how you deserve to be treated. Would love to breed also not a requirement. If you’re interested text me...
  14. Jake2Snake

    Knock up 50 wives

    I want to knock up 50 wives and have the cuck raise them for me. Let me knock you up. No what it feels like for power cumming deep in your pussy. Carry my seed for nine months and we’ll do it again. After all I own your pussy, and I’m only aloud to seed you.