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  1. SophiaCouple

    Nervous and need advice please

    Estamos aguardando o resto da história.
  2. SophiaCouple

    Your wife is also amazing!

    Your wife is also amazing!
  3. SophiaCouple

    Bubble Butt Challenge

    My love
  4. That ass

    That ass

    1 more of this glorious ass
  5. Just another cum bath

    Just another cum bath

    Enjoy this heart shaped ass
  6. Her huge ass

    Her huge ass

    Mabe someday will be shared
  7. SophiaCouple

    Looking for a bit of help, new maybe hotwife

    I believe you need to be very patient. Sometimes, man fantasizes and watches videos of something even though it doesn't come true. I'm exactly at that stage and I still don't have the courage to take the next step. That doesn't mean I never will. Anyway, I think watching porn together with him...
  8. Working out

    Working out

    She's working out a lot at the gym close to home. Soon it will be fantastic
  9. SophiaCouple

    Help moving to next step…

    I'm in a slightly different situation. My wife is extremely fiery and I'm absolutely sure she would accept MFM, but the problem is really me. I read a lot about this world and I'm still pretty insecure. I don't know if this doubt will persist or if we will do it.
  10. SophiaCouple

    Comment by 'SophiaCouple' in media 'Beautiful Wife'

    Awesome couple 👏
  11. SophiaCouple

    The right age to start

    Can you send the video? I'm thinking about getting started to do this but, still afraid. Thx a lot!
  12. Ready


    Just wating for
  13. Wife's ass

    Wife's ass

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  14. Gorgeous


    My delicious brazilian wife
  15. 2nd cum pic

    2nd cum pic

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  16. Cum all over her ass

    Cum all over her ass

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  17. Delicious


    My delicious latin wife ass
  18. Good Morning

    Good Morning

  19. Wating


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  20. Sexy Tan Lines

    Sexy Tan Lines

    Brazilian wife tan lines