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  1. Viet-play

    Getting close, or .....

    A bit conservative, Yes they are hot!
  2. Viet-play

    Getting close, or .....

    Would feel weird with kids naked. Just wrong to me. But definitely all about adult resort. Need to work on that! Thx for your input!!!
  3. Viet-play

    Getting close, or .....

    This is very helpful! The first time how did you get her to agree to go to a nude resort? Sorry for the continued questions, your experience is extremely helpful!
  4. Viet-play

    Getting close, or .....

    Would love to take her to a "adult resort "!
  5. Viet-play

    Getting close, or .....

    Thx for the example. Was it hard to get her to be naked in public? My wife is a bit funny. Will get naked in front of an open window, yet acts reserved in public when asked to got topless on our boat. How did you get your wife past this?
  6. Viet-play

    Getting close, or .....

    Wife knows of my fantasy of sharing her with a big fat cock. But has said NO. We starting using a big black dildo(Sean Micheal) she loves her pussy stretched and cums hard and squirts, and asked to be fuck with the big black cock. When asked how that big black cock feels in her pussy she says...
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    Hot WIFE & GF pussy

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    Make my wife your lockscreen or homescreen

    This is mine❤️🔥
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    Post Your Wife Sexting in a Pic...

    Great clit. Can you show it to us better?😋
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    I'm a slut and I'm proud

    With me, I love when my wife is uninhibited & slutty. Its with must love and affection I use the term as she is expressing her sexuality and love!❤️🔥❤️🔥
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    Post your wife big tits

  12. Viet-play

    Wannabe cuckolds and hesitant wives are you seeking coaching and advice?

    During sex she admits loving the bbc (dildo/Sean)fucking her. And cums and squirts. Her body and pussy say, "yes! " But she is hesitant😔
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    Prettiest married pussy

    Here my wife.
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    Asian Countries Folks?

    Born in Vietnam