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  1. XXavierAleXander

    So I thought..

    I sometime fantasize about my g.f fucking someone in front of me .. this her she is great to look at .
  2. XXavierAleXander

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    This me you rate it
  3. XXavierAleXander

    GR8MOUF rating

    Would Yu pay her? I know one thing for sure is she can suck a softball thru a straw 😁 she a dick sucker for sure
  4. XXavierAleXander

    Uncut Gem

    BWC I love getting it sucked right. I'ma sucker for a nice semi sloppy loud blowjob on the deepthroat side .and I promise and guarantee Everytime I have sex she Gon cum first and I'ma buss her pussy open😁😁
  5. XXavierAleXander

    Nice ones

    Size D and I jack off on them all the time and I play with her butt
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    Playing with it

    She playing with my dick . She really wanted me to buss on her face in her open mouth. She said my dick is huge ..anyone agree? Also a quick look at her perfect titties
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    She going crazy

    And she likes it in her tight butt hole she getting slammed tho
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    What yal think?

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  10. XXavierAleXander

    She get busy

    Yes front to back .she doesn't play