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  1. Blackwolf

    Free use

    Hello, My huge tit wife wants to have a “free use” get together, if you’ve seen my post you know she’s stacked, tight, and sexy as hell. My question to the women on this site- have you thought about this and or experienced it? Let me know 😉😉
  2. Blackwolf

    Trailer trash- redneck wives- girlfriends. Show us your sluttiness! 😉😉

    Alright hotwifes, girlfriends, mistresses or taboo secrets lol. Show us fellas what you’re working with! 😉😉
  3. Blackwolf

    Cheating wife fantasy- email exchange with your wife- anonymously

    Hello, always been interested in cheating wife fantasies. Here is my idea, I get her email messaged to me and I send her pics anonymously of my bwc- 8.5 inches. I keep the husband/ boyfriend in the loop and share her thoughts, comments and or opinions about what I’ve sent. Thoughts on this...
  4. Blackwolf

    Biggest cock, toy, object your slut has had anally

    What’s the biggest cock, toy or object your hw, gf, ex has ever taken? My wife has taken a 10 inch dildo after I fucked her ass with my 8.5 bwc. 🍆💦💦💦💦
  5. Blackwolf

    Any true anal divas out there?

    Would love to hear from real people about either their hotwifes or the women themselves. How many of you truly crave a cock in your ass? My hot-wife orgasms almost every-time- any others out there?
  6. Blackwolf

    Kinkiest, most taboo, dirtiest thing either you or your wife/ gf- insert title have done.

    Hello LS, what is the kinkiest, naughtiest, most taboo, filthiest thing your significant other or past wife/gf has done? many years ago- my wife fucked her boss in a hotel- then he invited three other men in to have their way with her, she hesitated at first but then accepted being a Slut and...
  7. Blackwolf

    Dark Assholes- 😋

    Post pics of your dark assholes, nothing sexier than a dark brown- brown eye. Any other guys into a woman that has this characteristic about her tight hole? If so, let’s hear it- WOMEN- show us what ya got- no judgment- I’m sure the fellas would love to see- yum! 😋😋😋
  8. Blackwolf

    Wife sucks my friend to completion.

    My wife recently told me that a buddy of mine that stops by the house often came onto her one night during a hot tub party. She said it was when they both were in the house- she went to the bathroom and when she was closing the door- he put his hand out to stop it from closing. She then grabbed...
  9. Blackwolf

    Wife wants her first 5-7 guy gangbang. Who wants to join?

    Hello, The wife wants her first real gangbang- she had threesomes and even three guys in one night separately but never 5-7 guys. She is a huge tit, cameltoe, squirting Slut and wants in her words “ to be used and passed around”. Tested and bareback- Any takers??
  10. Blackwolf

    Tribute my huge tit slut!

    Please tribute my huge tit slut! She loves taking my huge cock and would appreciate and play with her wet pussy to any and all cocks! Ladies- She loves to play with women too and there is nothing sexier than seeing her mouth on a hot pussy. She loves degrading, name calling and in her words- “...
  11. Blackwolf

    Wife and her girlfriend visit the gloryhole!

    So, my wife has a smoking hot blonde girlfriend named April. Last week the two of them went out for “ladies night”, I already knew for the both of them that meant fucking a stranger- or five lol. The wife told me today that her and April went to a Adult Bookstore first before their night out-...
  12. Blackwolf

    My slut hotwife!!

    The wife told me she fucked a boss from another city- firm. She met him for drinks like I instructed her to wearing her shortest skirt- a tight shirt with her beautiful tits pouring out of her top. They had a few drinks together and he was flirty of course, touching her legs or arms frequently...
  13. Blackwolf

    Who wants to fuck my Huge Tit Slutwife?

    The wife desperately wants her 2nd gangbang-she loves men and women- who’s in?
  14. Blackwolf

    WIFE SWAP- Anyone wanna trade for a night???

    Slut hotwife wants to try a couple swap with bbc-bwc, she has amazing tits and nipples and loves to fuck! Same room, different room- whatever you are comfortable with. We are in Wa state- Who wants to fuck my slut? 🍆😋😉