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  1. krl11

    We are looking for a Bisexual lady to play with my wife...

    hello everyone... My wife and I are looking for a woman to chat with and share her fantasies with online. I love to chat and share it is our fantasy and we are happy. Please do not hesitate to send a pm, everything will remain confidential and we will have a great time...(y);)(y)
  2. krl11

    I want my wife with another woman...

    we do this fantasy together, my wife likes to decant me with her hands during a sex chat with another woman, if anyone is interested, she can send a message... (y) ;) (y)
  3. krl11

    I'm looking for someone to chat regularly...

    Merhaba, eşim biraz meşgul bir iş kadını ve konuşmalardan sonra biseksüel azgın arayışında deneyimlerini ve düşüncelerini paylaşmak için kendi zamanında bir bayanla düzenli bir konuşma deneyimlerini benimle paylaşacak ve bu profilin mesajlarınızı beklediği fikrini heyecanlandıracak. ( Bir süre...
  4. krl11

    is my wife's opinion correct?

    my wife thinks there's no real couple on this forum and no one we can have virtual sex with. I warned her not to be biased about it. she's bisexual and wants to have virtual sex with a real woman by chatting, do you think she thinks it's true?
  5. krl11

    Which One Do You Like Best ?

    Which one do you like better ?
  6. krl11

    A Real Woman For Fantasy Please

    couples and ladies Hello... I decided to have sex with my wife with a virtual woman, maybe in time I'll try to be real, but now it's just going to be virtual. everything can be Chat, picture, video, we intend to start this way, if you want to accompany, feel free to send a message, we will...