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    Got fucked by my boss at work! It was great? What’s your experiences?

    I feel like I’m bad at making this. I’ve somewhat lurked for a while but I got a new story (probably not new to most of you XD) My boss is usually in his office or on the floor most of the time I’m working (I’m a cashier at a grocery store) but it was especially slow today on the account of...
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    Favorite part about cheating? Favorite part about your cheating partner?

    Hey all! I’m still pretty new to the site. But since me and my boyfriends dad are doing very well (let’s call his dad Dan and my boyfriend JR) I thought it might be fun to make another post! To the couples, what’s your favorite part about cheating on your partner? Do they know? Do you want...
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    My boyfriends father seduced me on Christmas Eve.

    (For reference, my boyfriend and I are both 21) Ok so, due to pandemic stuff I stay with my bfs family from time to time, and when I do I stay for like a month or two. And during December, I stayed at his fathers house with him. The whole month I noticed his dad sneaking peeks at me, and even...
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    Hi I’m Jaclyn! Don’t tell my Boyfriend I’m here ;3

    Hi all! I’m new here, I’ve been around, done some stuff behind my boyfriends back. And I’m here to share stories, get off to and share the feeling of being a cheater with other cheaters. And don’t tell my bf I’m here ;3