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    Show your Hairy!!!

    Love lots of fur around the pink parts!
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    Show ur wife ass for bbc to comment and rate

    Jennifer's MILF ass...
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    Bound forced gang bang

    Such a hotttttt fantasy, hope you're able to play it out for real soon. I'm sure many of us have similar fantasies of our wives receiving the saem kind of treatment
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    Thanks soooo much for tributing my wife Jen. Its always a thrill to know other guys have a...

    Thanks soooo much for tributing my wife Jen. Its always a thrill to know other guys have a hard-on for her!
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    Sleepover gangbang

    In my fantasy she is aware that "something" happened, since she is sticky with cum and still leaking jizz from her sore cunt. But she can't put it all together in her head that she was ganged by her step-son's black buddies. She's embarrassed and not sure how to approach him about what went on...
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    Sleepover gangbang

    My fantasy involves my wife and a group of her step-son's black friends. They get my wife really drunk and coax her into taking some pix with them. Some flirty grabbing and groping leads to more and soon she's posing with them in only her bra and panties. They have their big cocks out and with...
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    Wives taking black dick in public...

    White wives on holiday, away from their kids and family....
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    Lets see your wifes best ass pic!

    Not all guys enjoy a bushy cunt. Butt for those who do.....
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    Hairy Cunts

    Queen of the Bush....
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    post wife in bra

    how about half a bra...?
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    Ever been recognized?

    My wife had a similar experience with a cop. Her car was broken into in the parking lot where she works downtown. The cop who took her report must have recognized her. Her birthday was about a week later and she found a B-day card and invitation to go out for a drink tucked under her windshield...
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    Ever been recognized?

    Apparently your wife's video was another victim of Xham's purge and us no longer available. Too bad. The guy who posted it is no longer active either....
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    Ever been recognized?

    btweets, how about sharing the video link with your friends here?
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    Ever been recognized?

    I bet it is hot hearing them fantasize about how they'd use your wife, not realizing who she is with you right there. I did something similar once, leaving some pix of my wife in lingerie on my desktop while I had to be out of the office for a couple of hours. I'm not sure who or how many saw...
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    Show your wife's ass & pussy in shorts

    Playing "I Dare You" after too many Jack-n-Cokes at a resort bar.
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    Ever been recognized?

    That's pretty bold, having your nude wife as a screensaver! I'm assuming you either don't have an IT dept, or that YOU are the company IT guy? Also guessing its a smaller office, not some big corporate place. Either way, super hot!
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    Best ass pictures of your wives and GF in panties

    A few pix of my wife's delicious ass for your enjoyment...