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    Panty Drawers

    Lets see your wives panty Drawers....🥰😘✌️
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    Hey ! Turkish bull who lives in Azerbaijan ! Anyone lives in here?
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    I m READY

    I m ready to cum .If you have skype just tell me
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    Adult Theatre

    Have you ever visited Adult Theatre with wife / Girlfriend ? Please sahre your experiences and photos with Us ;)
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    I really like European wives .. any of you have ?
  6. seagate

    Any Idea ?

    Do you think my cock is enough for my friend wife ?
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    Who wears wife's Undies ???

    anyone love to wear wife's / gf's undies ??
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    Here bored. Tell me about your fantasy

    I m bored :/
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    New Year Eve !!

    What did your wife / gf wear at new year night ?
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    Anyone use Xhamster ?? I can add you on there
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    So Bored

    I m so bored.Anyone want to talk ?
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    White dick from Turkey

    I hope u like ;)
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    Hello from Turkey...I m looking for new experiences.
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    Army Wife

    ı m wondering any military wife or hubby is here ?
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    whatsapp !

    should we create a whatsapp group for sharing and talk ?
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    any panty / bra lover here ?
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    SKYPE ?

    Anyone want to chat on skype ?
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    Who like to wear his wife/gf 's panties ??

    anyone likes to wear panties ? thongs ??
  19. seagate

    Hello to All !

    Hello to all... I m emre from turkey !!! 32 y/o bull ;) if you think come to turkey. I m ready for you.