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    Comment by 'asianhusband' in media '720p.m4v'

    Definitely wife material!
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    We are northwest side.
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    We travel to vietnam but its been a long time.
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    Comment by 'asianhusband' in album 'my asian wife g string pics'

    Very hot, love lingerie pics.
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    You got a nice cock.

    You got a nice cock.
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    Clubs/bars in Houston?

    Too bad its closed permanently.
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    @share1984 where are you located?

    @share1984 where are you located?
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    NEW ASIAN CUCK looking for general advice

    I love how you wrote that. Amazing woman you have there.
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    Asian wives are so sexy. Is she naughty?
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    Thanks, yours look very hot as well.

    Thanks, yours look very hot as well.
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    NEW ASIAN CUCK looking for general advice

    If she knows that you fantasize about it and she's not resistant to it, then the next step should be easy. Some will say take her to a bar, but sometimes she won't get approached especially if they know you're there with her. I would hire a male masseur who does sensual massage and see what it...
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    what its like first time watching wife fuck someone else?

    You feel jealous, but at the same time your dick is hard.
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    Gf big tits

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    Our Friends

    Thank you for the nice comment. Yes true about asians, they are so sexual, but in a shy way. It's been a ride watching her all these years.
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    My Uncle

    Pool parties are great. I always love friends and family seeing my wife in her tiny bikini.
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    Our Friends

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    Few stories and pics

    Wow, she's hot. What nationality is she?
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    My Uncle

    About 10 years ago. You're close, she's a C cup.