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  1. Egymusbull

    Sex vacation

    Hi Iam Egyptian bull looking for cuckold couple or hotwife in Egypt Hurghada to have fun Im clean , fun , experience , horny
  2. Egymusbull

    Nice Cock union

    Post ur cock if u consider it nice, Thick , big cock Couples will rate it
  3. Egymusbull

    Sex Vacation

    Any hot wife or couple looking for fun by having sex vacation in Red Sea Egypt , pm me
  4. Egymusbull

    I worship pregnant women

    I don't know about you , but for me pregnant women is the best to fuck hard Nipples Bigger Ass Wet Pussy Super Horny
  5. Egymusbull

    one-time encounters or long term relationships?

    Hot wives, Bulls, cucks what is your opinion? In this dynamic, do you enjoy more quality or quantity? Do you like to have several one-time encounters or establish long term relationships?
  6. Egymusbull

    long term relationship

    Am looking for long term relationship with couple cuckold lifestyle Thick , Muslim ,horny , Fit, professional, experienced, Red sea Egypt