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    Any hot wives in Chicago area?

    Chicago. Southside.
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    Wife finally did it

    Hello and welcome. Congrats on being a cuckold.
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    Abstention or regular relief - How often do you cum

    I cum on average 3 to 4 times a week. We do some chasity play. During sex with my wife I'm only allowed to cum in condoms. Mostly though I tug on my little penis or cum hands free.
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    cum eating hubby

    I enjoy cleaning her after a real man has pumped her fertile womb full of potent seed. Gets my little dick hard.
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    How to make wife cuckold me?

    Role play in the bedroom. More then once. She might not be ready for Vegas. But the long term may be good for you. Just understand if its not working for her don't push it. In all reality it's not about you. It's for her.
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    Friends cuming in wives?!?!

    Have shared my wife with quite a few friends. They can take her bare. And cum where they would like.
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    Rather see cucks wife suck my dick or getting pounded?

    I would rather watch my wife getting pounded by your big cock. Till you shoot your potent seed in her fertile womb.
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    Cuck Moments...

    Been through it twice with bulls. Wouldn't trade the results at all. Hopefully it happens again soon.
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    Will I Hung

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    Will I Hung

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    Question to the Hubbys

    Don't believe anyone should post pics of someone if that person is unaware.
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    Best cleanup position?

    Underneath her and our bulls.
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    Hello and no problem

    Hello and no problem
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    Thanks for the follow

    Thanks for the follow
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    Hey My Dear Hot Babes and Cucks

    Hello and welcome
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    Thanks for the follow

    Thanks for the follow
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    Everybody have a great thanksgiving!

    Everybody have a great thanksgiving!