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  1. Youngblood

    New Here 24M Stockton CA

    Been interested in the topic for quite a while, and now I've decided to indulge myself fully in the lifestyle- that being Swinging, specifically the Cucking aspects as a Bull. I intend to thoroughly explore the lifestyle as a whole, I'm not merely another guy using the community as a means for a...
  2. Youngblood

    Where do I find sex??

    And now I feel like a dumbass 😂 lol, thanks
  3. Youngblood

    30yo Couple Intersted in Exploring if Lifestyle is Right for Us

    Maybe try hitting up the Couples Seeking Makes thread? I'd offer, but at this point I just assume Cali is empty 😂
  4. Youngblood

    Where do I find sex??

    New to the community, what's SLS?
  5. Youngblood

    Guiding younger hard dick into wife

    Dang, found another one to add to the wishlist. 23 Bull, feel free to DM if you're in Cali
  6. Youngblood

    New to being a cuckold should I be jealous of the bull?

    While I'm new to the community, as a prospective Bull, I can say that it depends on what you two want. If you agreed beforehand that her needs would always come first, or that humiliation would happen, thn no, you be a good little Cuck and do as you're told.
  7. Youngblood

    The urge for dick

    Sounds like the little Cuck is almost a full sissy now, and just needs to take that last step
  8. Youngblood

    The urge for dick

    Well if you're in California I'd be happy to help! I'm a Bull that's new to the community, so I don't mind goin a bit slow with ya. Feel free to hit me up
  9. Youngblood

    The urge for dick

    Sounds like you need a Bull who doesn't mind rewarding a sissy in good behavior 😘
  10. Youngblood

    Husbands who perform on bulls

    Damn, need a couple like you in California. I'm a new Bull myself, and there aren't many couples looking over here
  11. Youngblood

    Husbands who perform on bulls

    It's always nice to see a well-behaved Cuck. You deserve that next dinner
  12. Youngblood

    No more intercourse

    Sounds like what you need is a specific kind of Bull, one who would be a regular. Look for a younger guy in your area- if you kind find one with some history, an inexperienced Bull could be quite helpful. Being able to train a bull how to please your wife In particular could lead to some pretty...
  13. Youngblood

    I want to cuckold my wife

    It's always nice to see such well-behaved betas. Each of you deserve your dinner. Have her message me if you're in near Sacramento and want some dessert 😘 might even let you clean me off if you stay in your place
  14. Youngblood

    Anyone here turned on by fucking very young men?

    Same thoughts here. I'm new to the community, but heavily interested in the atmosphere of being a Bull, despite my complete lack of experience
  15. Youngblood

    New bull In Sacramento, CA

    Read my profile if ya need some extra details, I just prefer to be upfront with potential partners at all times. In summary, I'm a newly single Bull who just got into the community. No experience, im afraid- again, check the profile for more details. I don't mind having a few convos before we...
  16. Youngblood

    New wife wants to play....

    Damn, you've got him trained well. Good job!
  17. Youngblood

    My petite asian wife sucking cock

    Lol I happen to be a bull who still has the V-card 🤣 (read the profile if ya want an explanation) l. If y'all are in Cali, feel free to shoot me a message
  18. Youngblood

    How is your reaction when bull cum inside you?

    Damn babe, wish more chicks had a woman like you!