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    Hot wife Calendar 2023 idea

    Great pics Nancy!! You will make a perfect calendar girl!
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    Wife or gf in bath or shower

    Makes your boobs look bigger! Always love your body!
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    Comment by 'califcouple' in media ''

    Yes it is perfect
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    Only feet/footjob

    Perfect toes Would love to suck them anytime
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    Comment by 'califcouple' in media '214_1000.gif'

    Love that pretty pussy Please bring it and you to California!
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    Comment by 'califcouple' in media 'IMG_0426.MOV'

    Would love to feed her
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    Comment by 'califcouple' in media 'I'm full'

    Got one more for you
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    Is your wife the slut type? Shy? Conservative? Classy? Aprox age?

    Have to go with the bottom pic Must be the smile!!
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    Any 60-70 yo guys here?

    PLEEEESE!! 70 here
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    Thanks for the follow

    Thanks for the follow
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    After pussy fucking.

    Would love you to ride me baby
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    Foot fetish

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    Wife gang banged in front of me.

    Reminds me of many swing parties! Wife is hot
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    Comment by 'califcouple' in media 'IMG_2022875843.jpg'

    I love her either way, but it's the entire body-beautiful face lovely shape, perfect butt and the cutest expressions. You are as very lucky man