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  1. cjiggler

    Post Cocksucker Wives here

    Wow she is good.
  2. cjiggler

    Rate your wife

    Wow she has a sexy fuck me look!
  3. cjiggler

    Making a sex tape

    Look in to software called AVS4You. You can edit the video. Zoom in to not show faces or simply blur faces.
  4. cjiggler

    Husband sharing wife videos?

    I enjoy sharing Cindy anyway I can. I looked at KIK but others can download what you share. I prefer to use google drive and set it so it can only be viewed and commented on and not downloaded.
  5. cjiggler

    Comment by 'cjiggler' in media 'Wish_Cindy.mp4'

    Wow would love to help crispy out on any given Saturday night.
  6. cjiggler

    Fuck me boots

    Wow very nice ass!
  7. cjiggler

    Cum in mouth

    This was way back when Cindy first allowed me to share her (1993ish). I was stationed on a restricted Navy base and lived in the Barracks at the time. Lets just say a few sailors enjoyed her. Here is one lucky sailor in this video. This is the first video I have of her with another guy. I set...
  8. swallowing_cum.mp4


    I know the quality sucks of Cindy sucking this guys cock. This was the first time I ever recorded her with another guy way back in 1993 ish. I actually hid a big ol camera that recorded on VHS. My buddy took her to my room and had some fun with her. She said he came deep down her throat.
  9. cjiggler

    Comment by 'cjiggler' in media 'JAR_Highlights.mp4'

    Starting at about the 10:43 mark she started asking me to cum in her ass 30 seconds later I came in her ass bareback. This video is edited for length, not sure when Allen came I know I came one other time fucking her restrained in missionary.
  10. cjiggler

    How many Military ....?

    21 years in the Navy. Most of my deployments were early in my career. Not sure what Cindy did while I was gone 7 months at a time? But was still there when I got home.
  11. cjiggler

    Comment by 'cjiggler' in media 'E848C92C-987A-41B4-A07D-DC9F0B58DC27.jpeg'

    Just your great ass for us to view.
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    Comment by 'cjiggler' in media 'ac_hookup02.jpg'

    Wow very nice. I can see myself there with her fucking her as soon as her wet clothing come off.
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    Comment by 'cjiggler' in media 'ac_hookup01.jpg'

    Very sexy pic.
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    Comment by 'cjiggler' in media 'IMG_4831.jpg'

    Very sexy!
  15. Closeup_used_pussy.m4v


    I don't like to bury videos in forum posts, I prefer to link it to the media section. Here is a short clip of Cindy's pussy after being used for the first time by a fairly large thick cock. He had already came in her mouth and in her pussy (condom), so he was a bit spent and it was my turn soon.
  16. cjiggler

    Show me your wife’s swollen engorged clits !

    Here is Cindy's pussy after a good stretch from a thick cock. Here is a video of a different night. This was the first time she had a fairly large thick cock. She had already orgasmed about 4-5 times by this point.
  17. cjiggler

    Comment by 'cjiggler' in media 'JAR_Highlights.mp4'

    Ya I wish too! My camera was on IR because of low light.
  18. cjiggler

    Video taping wife with her boyfriends/lovers

    Love watching them and sharing later.
  19. cjiggler

    Thoughts on young guys?

    Age is only a number. I feel that most stags on this site have the brain to cock connection! What I mean is I can cum and just think about my wife getting fucked and sucking cock and I can stay hard and fuck for ever if that is what the woman wants. If I am sharing Cindy in a MFM I can stay...
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    Comment by 'cjiggler' in media 'Lusty milf riding deep'

    She can ride my cock any time! Very nice.