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  1. Memyselfnu1962

    New here. Just learning my way around this site

    Welcome aboard! And I've got to say, she has gotten much sexyier as she has gotten least in my humble opinion...
  2. Memyselfnu1962

    Girlfriend wore this for her first date with her new bull last night.

    Damn, came into this late. You two need to talk about this. Her NOT even texting you is not good. She needs to take YOU into consideration. NOT knowing if she is alive or not can cause severe issues. Unless you have no problems with not knowing. And your ok with her not telling you she is...
  3. Memyselfnu1962

    Pictures of your wife taken by someone else.

    Sorry, been gone awhile, good dang she's hot, and he is a lucky guy, as are you !!
  4. Memyselfnu1962

    i need a hard dick !

    Depends on where you
  5. Memyselfnu1962

    My Hotwife Elaine

    I have to say, she's hotter now, then when younger !
  6. Memyselfnu1962

    What's Your Fetish...?

    Now THATS an ass worth my attention!
  7. Memyselfnu1962

    Hotwife Lina

    Very hot! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Memyselfnu1962

    Fucking my drunk sister in law

    Your awesome my man!
  9. Memyselfnu1962

    Im Looking for old man for my wife (+55)

    You need to define " old man" and remember, it can be offense LOL !
  10. Memyselfnu1962

    Looking for answers

    Yep, pretty much any guy!
  11. Memyselfnu1962

    Comment by 'Memyselfnu1962' in media 'Topless for Christmas!'

    THAT'S ALL I'd need for XMAS !!
  12. Memyselfnu1962

    Comment by 'Memyselfnu1962' in media 'all fucked out'

    Not all! Using my tongue, I'd wake you S L O W L Y !!!!
  13. Memyselfnu1962

    Comment by 'Memyselfnu1962' in media 'Merry Christmas'

    Now THIS makes my Xmas !!
  14. Memyselfnu1962

    Slut wife needs a cock

    VERY nice! Where are you from ? Of the right place, we can take care of that need !
  15. Memyselfnu1962

    How do you feel about Russian wives to whores?

    Yes, my truth. For me if I had a wife, she would be...for me. And everything else would come from OUR feelings and decisions TOGETHER.
  16. Memyselfnu1962

    Hotwife Lynda

    Gee, I can't imagine why.......( wink wink)
  17. Memyselfnu1962


    Well DAYUM. Green is my new favorite color!
  18. Memyselfnu1962

    Hotwife Lynda

    I would Sheppard you off to an office for a little old fashioned office " celebration" in private