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    Would you fuck or gangbang my wife?

    Show us her pussy
  3. Adf49

    My gorgeous, sexy wife....

    Very sexy, love fisting and gaping my wife too.
  4. Adf49

    Future hotwife

    Beautiful, just starting your hotwife adventure?
  5. Adf49

    Anyone care to tribute?

    I can try and help out anyone interested. Contact me on kik at adflav.
  6. Adf49

    Cum tribute

    Kik me at adflav, I'll do what I can. Can also do live video if she's interested.
  7. Adf49

    No more Craigslist

    Double list
  8. Adf49


    Check out double list, it's got craigslist personals. It's pretty new and doesn't have as many places but I think it's growing. I'm sure if people start using it more it will catch on. I've checked out Nashville and St Louis since they are the closest places to us. There's some more local people...
  9. Adf49

    What other web communities are you on?

    I'll go check it out. is a lot like this if you're into that sort of thing.
  10. Adf49

    What other web communities are you on?

    Not that we don't love it here, just looking to see what other great sites are out there. Looking for good message boards, story boards, pictures etc...
  11. Adf49

    My wife

    Awesome, we've been talking about doing something like that.
  12. Adf49

    My Wife wants to see you cum

    She can watch live on cam if she'd like.
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    No more Craigslist

    I learned the same thing! I'm thinking we need to start a subreddit for our individual areas but I don't know how you would ever get the word out...
  14. Adf49

    Which Pussy Is Better???...

    Since both is not an option I have to go with A. I can't resist those nice meaty lips that are perfect for sucking on. You can see her clit is a little more exposed as well. And she also gets a bonus for the toy use.
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    I want to see what you are doing with that big toy.
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    Post Cocksucker Wives here

    Awesome thread
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    Hot photo of my wife!!

    She's incredible, do you have any of her pussy spread open?
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    Place to fuck

    Have you ever tried an adult theater?
  19. Adf49

    Mylittle hottie.