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  1. LWHubby

    Open shirt, naked underneath

    chilly day
  2. LWHubby

    Who has seen you wife naked that shouldn't have?

    So many instances, I'll start with this, when my wife was pregnant she did some artistic topless modeling the G rated stuff was for a magazine, the topless stuff was for an art show. Well I did not realize that a number of people I worked with at the time saw this photos at the show. Come Monday...
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    Making a creampie
  4. LWHubby

    What is the single most hardcore cuckolding video you have ever seen?

    I've always been a Jan B fan
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    Best of the best Hotwife asses

    Some of my favorite pics of her delicious ass.
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    The kinkiest thing you and your wife have done in public

    We fucked on a Tennis court at a High School late at night with a lady cop watching us. We did not intend for her to watch but she happened upon us and just watched from a distance of about 40 meters. Prolly not the kinkiest but .......
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    Having fun
  8. area closed.JPG

    area closed.JPG

    Well damn no entry! hehe
  9. LWHubby

    Your wife flashing

    We were eating at a resturant, wife was Commando. I got up to use the bathroom and when I came back she said the guy across from her was taking upskirt pics of her, she thought. I asked if she gave him a good show she said she let a finger linger for him. What a wife!
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    Post her pussy!!

    This is probably my favorite but its a long list.
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    Your wife flashing

    We do love flashing, and truckers were some of the first lucky viewers.
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    Orally Talented Wives

    2 for 1
  13. cum in.MOV

    cum in.MOV

    Her bull cuming in her
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    Share your over 50 wives or g/f

    50+ and looking hot as ever
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    Show how your wife’s bull left her

    Full and juicy! They sent a video to prove it
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    Sexy Outfits

    a couple of my faves
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    Honest discussion respectful but honest

    To the original question. I think some folks assume, incorrectly, that all cuckolding is interracial. Therefore the interracial niche has its own place.
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    post your outfit to go out&tease

    On her way to a date. 1 article of clothing rule in play.
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    Hot wife Calendar 2023 idea

    Just found this one I think it would be good for the calendar
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    Pics of MILF hotwives

    My 55 yr old MILF