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  1. Jonlikestoes

    Sexting only with my wife

    Hi I'm jon from florida mature,passionate anc romantic black bull. I woukd love to entertain youf wife and show her what I can do to her body
  2. Jonlikestoes

    Message my wife on social media?

    Omg. She is a winner. I'm jon In Florida. Mature charming and romantic bull from florida.. my idea of enchanting a lady is not with dick pics. Sex is mostly mental, so I want to make love to her mind first then the body is likd a leaf in the wind. Follows where the mind blows it. I'm your man
  3. Jonlikestoes

    SWFL Area

    Chemistry is all important. I to, must have some type of emotional connection in order to perform. Kik jonlikestoes ,Google or Skype for more information
  4. Jonlikestoes

    SWFL Area

    Well endowed bull in Dade City. Pussy looks sweet and juicy tight also id love to try it
  5. Jonlikestoes

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    Pretty angel wings
  6. Jonlikestoes

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    Lovely asshole. Needs my tongue in it
  7. Jonlikestoes

    Foot fetish

    Stunningly pretty toes. I would compliment u In public .
  8. Jonlikestoes

    Older women

    Where do I sign up?
  9. Jonlikestoes

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    Amazing clit
  10. Jonlikestoes

    Wife looking for sexting partner

    I live in Florida also. I'm charming, educated, and romantic. I'd love to chat with your wife. I promise to keep her entertained. Kik jonlikestoes
  11. Jonlikestoes

    Foot fetish

    Pretty toes make me hard and @Shadow892 your wife has the prettiest feet of the selection. Only question I have is does she like them sucked
  12. Jonlikestoes

    Foot fetish

    If I saw her in public I woukd tell her she has pretty toes
  13. Jonlikestoes

    Foot fetish

    Definitely suckable
  14. Jonlikestoes

    Let’s see those beautiful assholes! :)

    Makes my tongue hard
  15. Jonlikestoes

    Show ur wife ass for bbc to comment and rate

    Sweet fucking apple bottom
  16. Jonlikestoes


    Florida pasco County
  17. Jonlikestoes

    Where Are You Located?

    Florida tampa area
  18. Jonlikestoes

    Tell my wife how she makes you feel

    Makes me want to lick my screen . Those nipples are awesome