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    Boat fun

    Come out on the boat with me!
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    New Hotwife Couple - Illinois, USA

    She is very pretty!
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    Hartford CT - Respectful gentleman

    What’s going on tonight?
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    Sexy bikini

    Super cute! 😍
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    Left or right

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    Hartford CT - Respectful gentleman

    36 Latin gentleman traveling to Hartford for a week of work, available in the evenings. Trained masseuse, pleasure dom. Pics available on profile and per request.
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    How to start

    Welcome! Explore around here and read some stories. When your ready tell us where you’re from and I’m sure you’ll find all you need.
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    VERIFIED Verification Please

    wow baby you are thickalicious!
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    Does other guy or her bull get and stay really hard ?

    I pride myself in staying rock hard, going till she cums, and being ready as soon as she puts her lips on it.
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    Tampa Business Trip

    No one around this week?
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    Tampa Business Trip

    36 Latin gentleman, visiting Tampa this week for business. Would love to entertain a fun couple.
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    Hi I'm mel!

    You can tag me ;)
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    Here to help 😘[ATTACH]

    Here to help 😘
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    Who’s girl is next. [ATTACH]

    Who’s girl is next.