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  1. Nigelhamilton

    Insatiable, a real vixen-stag couple

    Yes for sure…first time, but then how it blossomed after the first and became a regular thing?
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    Wife's legs up

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    Comment by 'Nigelhamilton' in media '20230129_163818.jpg'

    That’s a nice hairy pussy, hope she flashes that bush and her pink lips in that black dress when out in public.
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    Comment by 'Nigelhamilton' in media 'Being spanked.'

    Super hot, love a submissive.
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    Sexy and risky exhibitionism

    As she gets older, Jennifer, now 53, loves exhibitionism in various forms, her inhibitions much less than even 10 years ago. On almost a daily basis, she shows off her body in a flirty, teasing, and often slutty way.
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    Your wife flashing

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    Comment by 'Nigelhamilton' in media 'IMG_3684_00.jpg'

    Yes, a fantastic photoshoot - more please!
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    Comment by 'Nigelhamilton' in media 'kívánlak!!!.jpg'

    Quite the rigid cock you have. Damn!
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    Tiny penis Chastity humiliation

    I was nervous when I first showed Jennifer my caged cock. I’d bought the cage about a week earlier and immediately felt so at home in the confines of the small metal cage. She smiled when I pulled down my pants to show her and she loved the power of holding the key (her proudly wearing the key...
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    Slut or whore?

    Jennifer knows a whore fucks for money while the slut does it for free.
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    Mastrubation & Moaning Clips [Wife's Edition]

    Jennifer, age 53, turn up volume
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    Share your over 50 wives or g/f

    Jennifer, age 53