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    Sunday morning xx

    Sunday morning xx
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    We are looking for a Bisexual lady to play with my wife...

    Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts xx
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    Shared Wives Bio....

    Lifestyle alias or nickname: Maisie Age: 27 Bust: 34c Height: 5ft 5 Year / Age First Shared: 22 Cock count before first share (all holes): 5 Cock count after first share (all holes): lots Favorite position: any Spit or Swallow: Swallow or over face Preffered cock size: any Biggest group sex...
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    Actual genuine magazine cover xx[ATTACH]

    Actual genuine magazine cover xx
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    Wedding day and night. Before the Hotwife & cucky xx [ATTACH]

    Wedding day and night. Before the Hotwife & cucky xx
  11. Hotwife_Maisie

    Your wife a natural or trained slut.

    You sound like a wonderful dom xx