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    Nothing she can do about it!
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    Preparing for the first time

    Great advice! The anticipation is amazing.
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    Hi! Happy to find this community.

    My wife is recovering from unexpected surgery, so things are on hold for a bit. It will happen, though!
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    Preparing for the first time

    Hi! My wife and I have agreed to enter the lifestyle. We’re ready to take it from fantasy to reality. I really want the first time she gets fucked by a bull to be special, memorable, and positive. I just ordered some restraints and am thinking it would be great to tie her up and let two bulls...
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    Hi there!

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    How did you feel the first time

    What was it like the first time a bull fucked your wife? Did you have certain feelings when he came inside her? We’ve yet to have our first experience but I can’t wait to see another man dominate my wife and cum inside her. I get misty-eyed just thinking about it! Thanks for sharing.
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    Just getting started

    Hi! I’m a lucky man. My wife has agreed to become a hotwife. Now the search begins for a quality bull. Not quite sure where to start finding him. Do we place an ad on a swinger’s site, or maybe on Doublelist? We’re not the swinger club type, nor do we hang out in bars. How did you get started...
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    Do you insist your bull be tested for STDs before you allow barebacking the wife?
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    What camera setup do you use when filming your wife?

    Are you just using your phone? I was thinking about getting a Go Pro. :)
  10. Toy fun!

    Toy fun!

    Wife likes them big
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    Hello there! Just need a bull to fill me up.
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    Who’s hungry?
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    Hi there!

    We’re in Atlanta and new to the lifestyle.
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    Hi! Happy to find this community.

    Hi! I’m excited to join this community as my wife just agreed to be shared with other men. Specifically she agreed to blow another man while I watch. It’s a first-step for us. Just thinking about it makes me horny! Any tips for a newbie cuckold? I want to take things slow with my wife and...