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    Waiting at home while she visits her bull

    I ALWAYS wait at home while my wife visits her boyfriend. In fact, I've only joined them ONCE for a 3Some( my wife is the one who wanted the 3Some) in the 6 years they've been dating. Her boyfriend was totally awkward and insecure, which absolutely killed the mood for my wife (and me too)...
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    Guys, why do you think women are more adventurous sexually when making love to a well hung guy???

    My wife has never complained about my size or stamina (at least to me anyways). If her boyfriend was smaller than me (he's definitely NOT) or less "productive" than me, then there would be no reason/need to keep going back to him. They were highschool sweethearts, and I knew that from the very...
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    Panties for the cuckold

    I'd say that if the panties fit, then wear them. I'm a grower NOT a shower, and my "Sissy clit" looks right at home in a sexy pair of panties. I had strong feminine/Sissy desires long before I met my wife. While my wife has never actually humiliated me for my desire to wear panties, every time...
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    Hubby/BF shut off ?

    My wife occasionally "denies" me for short periods of time, and during those times, the only one allowed inside her is her boyfriend. During these short periods of denial, my wife will do outercouse with me, and after she orgasms multiple times, she'll give me a ruined orgasm, followed by...
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    Sexual Bucketlist

    My wife has a longterm boyfriend... But that DOESN'T stop her or me from fantasizing and coming up with a sexual bucket list. Her boyfriend is straight, and these fantasies include LOTS of bisexual action, so these bucket list fantasies actually DON'T include him. 1) My wife's ultimate sexual...
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    How often do the wives have sex with others?

    My wife has sex with her boyfriend as much as possible. After 20+ years (they were highschool sweethearts, and they lost their virginity to each other), she still can't get enough of his THICK 8" cock.
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    Openly a Cuckold

    My wife's best friend, along with 2 other really close girlfriends know she cuckolds me. There's also a few friends/coworkers at her job that know. she doesn't share any details with her friends at work, but they see the obvious happiness and the "glow" on her face when she's been with her...
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    Ruined Orgasms

    My wife and I enjoy outercouse, where I'll lay on my back and she'll get on top of me and ride my cock without me penetrating her. This is VERY satisfying for her, and she SOAKS my cock with her wetness EVERY time. When she gets me to the brink of orgasm (she's usually already orgasmed multiple...
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    How many of you get turned on by the thought of having their wife get pregnant by someone else? And is any couple thinking of making it a reality?

    I like the idea of my wife's boyfriend getting her pregnant (in fantasy anyways). I honestly don't know how I would react if it happened in reality. They have known each other since they were 12, were highschool sweethearts, and now they've been dating for 6 years (her and I have been together...
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    Tiny dicks

    I don't have a tiny cock (at least while I'm erect) at 7"c and fairly thick.... Ok, ok, I'm a grower, definitely NOT a show-er and when my cock is limp, I do actually think it's tiny/small. Though I've never had a woman complain about my "size" and abilities in bed (I'm a sub bottom with men...
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    My brother knows about it

    My brother DOESN'T know my wife cuckolds me, but several years ago, he DID try getting with my wife anyways, despite being married himself (obviously behind my sister-in-law's back. He "thought" he was being slick). This was before she began cuckolding me. He actually approached my wife through...
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    Asslicker Hotwifes.

    My wife and I have been rimming each other since we first got together 16 years ago.I've always enjoyed having my ass played with (either solo, or with a partner). Obviously, we both love eating ass. We've never been shy about what we like sexually, and have always let let our freak flags fly...
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    What did you think the first time your wife got on her knees & unzipped a guys pants to pull out their cock & act starved?

    The one and only time (in 6 years they've been together) I had the opportunity to watch my wife suck her boyfriend's dick, it was quite impressive to watch her deep throat throat his THICK 8" I wasn't locked in chastity at the time, and naturally, I was tugging at and playing with my own cock...
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    Wife’s trophy - used condom

    My wife has brought home MANY used condoms after spending time with her boyfriend. It's not something she does all the time, but definitely enough times to reiterate my role as her cuckold. Whenever she does bring home the used condoms, I'm made to swallow the thick massive loads (they always go...
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    being a cuckold and having a small dick related?

    Not necessarily. I'm 7"c and fairly thick, while my wife's boyfriend is 8"candy THICK. I've NEVER had a problem with pleasing my wife sexually... Though I doubt she'd be interested in Cucking me with a guy who's "smaller" than me... Her boyfriend is also sexually dominant with her, and she LOVES...
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    Blowing the bull in a car while hubby is driving?

    This is something I've thought about a lot. The idea of my wife sucking her boyfriend's dick while I drive them around seems really HOT! No doubt, I'd be tugging at my own cock while glancing at them in the rear view mirror... That is unless my wife locked me in the cock cage before leaving for...
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    Do you like for your bull to tease the cuck hubby about you loving his big cock?

    My wife loves talking about her boyfriend's big dick (He's 8"c and THICK). It's not teasing, it's FACT.
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    Any wives love to make their cuck eat his own cum?

    My wife has gotten into the act of having me eat my own creampies. And I don't mind. She also has me eat my own cum if I blow my load on her tits or ass too.
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    Are most hot wives submissive to their bulls?

    My wife is a sensual domme with me, both in and out of the bedroom. With her boyfriend, she totally sexually submissive to him. She loves being his little slut.
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    Rimming a stranger

    My wife wouldn't rim a stranger's ass... But she WILL gladly rim both mine and her boyfriend's as.