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    Do neighbors know your wife cucks you.

    Almost Every Sunday at between 7 to 7:30pm her bbc boyfriend comes by and pulls into the driveway. He usually brings a bottle of good cab and I meet him outside the front door, shake hands and take the bottle. I hope that dissuades any thinking that he is there to cum bareback in her. But I...
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    Who else knows?

    We are out now…my hotwife was a little loaded at a happy hour last week at the club where we live and she was driven back home from acquaintances in our neighborhood. One drove her car as another drove his car to pick up the other guy. They both had to help her in and they put her to bed...
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    Valentines Day 2023

    Having dinner with my hotwife and then I retire to the guest bedroom as she has her boyfriend in the marital bed
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    Science says size sure is superior

    So my study wasn’t scientific other than my hotwife has always said the bigger cock is better for her…and that sample size is pretty big. She has rejected fucking or seeing a guy again if it’s small. Mine being 3.5 inches erect makes a lot more guys attractive to her..🙃
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    Waiting in the car

    Many times I drove her to dates or to let her do the pick up scene…..but since Covid we rarely do the pick up scenes and she likes to meet a guy and then take him to our house. So I bring her to the bar, restaurant, meeting place and he drives her home to our home, our master bedroom , our...
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    For the cuck, what was the pivotal point for you?

    Same with me….it happens fast, right after the 1st man has her wo ur involvement
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    She’s coming home with him ….again

    she continues to see him on sundays….we were away last week and came back yesterday. He of course was at our house last night for a long session from 7 to midnight. She says the only way he will stay monogamous with her so they can have bareback is he has her 2-3 times a week or stays the...
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    What is the sluttiest thing your wife has done (or you as the wife have done)

    #3. Went to a beach bar with music and she met a guy. I saw them connecting and dancing, some touching and I lost them in the crowded bar….looked for her everywhere…mens room, beach , parking lot….started to worry and began texting, calling no answer…then she texts me…”he’s driving me home….”...
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    What is the sluttiest thing your wife has done (or you as the wife have done)

    #2. She had a Jamaican boyfriend she would see often in a mobay resort. She would spend one to 4 weeks at a time there in a hotel he worked as the fitness director. I would travel with her some weeks but most of the time she went wo me and he would see her early mornings, mid days, late...
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    What is the sluttiest thing your wife has done (or you as the wife have done)

    Quite a few….couple to share….one. She met a bbc at a bar and I walked away b4 she sat next to him at a outside bartop table. I watched from outside the bar and below the deck where the table was and before 15 minutes of flirting he was vigorously fingering her to wet orgasm under the...
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    Wife Denying You sex , is it out of meanness, anger and hate towards YOU or different??

    In our case she will allow me sex with her but never when she has set a date with her bf. So if she makes a date for Sunday night on Tuesday, she will say to me “ he and I are getting together Sunday”. This means no touching her until after Sunday…probably by that next Tuesday or Wednesday...
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    Did you regret it or glad you did it ?

    Same for me…and she knows that by mentioning her current bf’s name and saying “you are fucking his pussy, so u better cum fast b4 he wants me again”…and I shot my meager load immediately.
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    She’s coming home with him ….again

    He stayed til 4am….she never came to me to have me back in the marital bed….at 6:30 I entered the bed and she allowed me to eat her pussy and then fuck her With a condom. She kept calling out ..” Fuck his pussy, it’s his….fuck it”. condoms are now required she said when I have her
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    She’s coming home with him ….again

    My hotwife dates a black lover who takes her out to dinner on sundays at 6. In 5 minutes they will b here. I will pour him a glass of red wine and then return to the guest bedroom as he and her take the marital bed. Fuck for 4 hours and then he goes home. Every Sunday since May…except...
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    Wives , what aftercare do you give your husband?

    Totally agree. While we believe as husbands that we allow it and should get aftercare, we don’t get that right anymore. We gave her away. Reclaiming is for stags, not cucks
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    Wife about to cheat?

    Hotwifelovr, u are exactly right. We cucks want to control the situation and it’s really never our choice…only hers
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    Wife about to cheat?

    Do you want her to be a hotwife, are you having any erotic thoughts about the possibility that they have, will or continue to have a sexual relationship? Sort this out and u will know what to do…or not to do.
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    Wife about to cheat?

    Interested in how today goes for you…..and her. Keep us updated.. can definitely share some thoughts after you get thru today