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  1. Maria29t

    Sex Between Sissy and Bull

    For men, women are primarily sexually attracted there no doubt. Sissy is the third sex, especially Trans Sissy, which is not halfway between men and women but more to female side. Why do men like Sissy at all? Sissy is not for marriage and real man won't marry her, but he can have a great sex...
  2. Maria29t

    They Need To Be Used Hard

    I love when bull fuck me hard. Is so good.
  3. Maria29t

    My story

    My story begins at puberty. I had more female than male body without a single hair other than the pubic. Pronounced buttocks and small penis. By the end of puberty, the penis grew at the "incredible" 3.8 inches and 1 inch in a diary. My performance was at that level for about one minute. Record...
  4. Maria29t

    How many sissy / feminised cucks on here

    I am a completely feminized sissy with hormones. Small limp clity (no need Chastity) and small tits. On Monday I go for breast augmentation (D Cup) and lips. I'll be Bimbo.
  5. Maria29t

    Cucksucking must be an art.

    Cucksucking must be an art.
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  7. Maria29t

    Sucking cock in front of his friends.

    Sucking cock in front of male friends is very powerful for him. He is a boss and I am submissive and obedient. If I am completely naked, it strengthens the impression of his friends. I have no problem doing that, so I show respect and raise to a higher level the Master's status among his friends.
  8. Maria29t