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    Let's see those Bull's come shots being enjoyed by Cuckold's wives.

    Beautiful facial. She looked very eager waiting for the load. Bet it felt warm and sticky. Beautiful girl. xxx
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    Let's see those Bull's come shots being enjoyed by Cuckold's wives.

    Bellissima Elena. Quelli sono tutti maschi diversi? Il marito non ce?
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    Small Penis toilet paper roll challenge

    This is my small penis. At least the head is showing lol. No wonder my wife prefers larger penises. Anyone there would really fuck my penis?
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    What do you do after being filled?

    One for the ladies. What do you do after being filled? Do you wash your vagina or just leave the cum there?
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    Hubby brings a friend home. I take good crazy of him.

    Did you suck his cock too?
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    Small penis humiliation

    Does your wife tell you it is small?
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    Small penis humiliation

    He is a bit larger than i am. Do you prefer larger penises than his?
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    Cock Comparison Pics

    I think you do feel the difference. My wife always tells me that she rarely feels anything when i fuck her, compared to her bull. What about you?
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    Had some questions

    No it is not just immagination. It happened to me with a little flirting, chatting online and camming and finally she agreed to meet a guy with a large dick which made her scream and pant.
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    cucks what made you realize you are going to be a cuck

    It was around 16 yrs ago. My wife was on cam chatting with a guy we knew and he did not know i was watching. They started to get kinky and she flashed for him and he took his penis out. I immediately knew i was going to be cucked. My wife had never been with another man before and his penis was...
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    Shaved my Wife for her Bull Today ... she's playing right now.

    Gillette the best a man can get ;)
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    what its like first time watching wife fuck someone else?

    The truth is, exiting, hot, horny bur also Jealous.
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    First major (for me) cuck step achieved!

    Has she had larger penises before? If yes ask her how better it felt a larger penis than yours inside her.
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    Having Butterflies

    Does he cum inside her?
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    Her first time tonight, and questions

    First time with this guy?
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    Taste of Cum.

    A question for the Girls. Does your Bull's cum tastes better? Why is it that some swollow the Bull's cum but won't let the hubby cum in your mouth?
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    How many wives invite men to there place to play in front of there husbands?

    Does he comw in her mouth? That seems a big penis.
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    Our first experience

    That is sexy. Maybe next time she can take some pics or a short video for you to see what really happens. That would really turn you on.
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    Working on the Triple Crown

    Keep us posted with some pics or vid too :)
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    Let's see those Bull's come shots being enjoyed by Cuckold's wives.

    Nice. She smells it too? She likes the smell before she gets the head out?