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  1. verkitwme

    Lover of sensual sex

    I always "make love" to my bulls............that being said I also like to get fucked hard like a fucking slutty whore..................
  2. verkitwme

    First time I lick bull’s sperm from my wife pussy

    My husband cleaned me my very first time and we've never looked back. He totally enjoys cleaning me and I enjoy feeding him He's cleaned me hundreds and I mean hundreds of times. It's part of our routine and we enjoy it immensely.
  3. verkitwme

    How many other men have deposited their semen in your wife's ass during your marriage?

    Yes I enjoyed it and I have done it again and again and again...................
  4. verkitwme

    What was the biggest dick your wife has had?

    Both my bulls are a thick nine, my first time shared is the pic in my avatar. HE's still my one bull after almost 5 years!! They stretch me and the feeling is unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. verkitwme


    If I had a dollar for everytime I did that with my hubby.........................................
  6. verkitwme

    What is creampie cleanup really like from people who have really done it??? :)

    My husband says it varies from time to time. It can even taste different if I get fucked twice (or three times) in an afternoon. He absolutely positively LOVES cleaning me he says it's the ultimate thing a cuck can do for his wife.
  7. verkitwme

    Lets see those wedding rings ladies!!

    GREAT post !!!!!
  8. verkitwme

    What will you turn (man or woman) off from having sex with someone other than your spouse?

    Agreed bad teeth are a tell tale sign of bad hygiene.
  9. verkitwme

    Being a lover of rimming

    I LOVE my ass eaten. LOVE IT
  10. verkitwme


    I think your feelings are normal. My husband watches me most of the time (and cleans) but he said the first time watching was incredible. He was frozen in his chair watching me with an incredibly well hung man. I had never cum so hard in my life multiple times. HE said it was the most...
  11. verkitwme

    Wifes Feelings

    I LOVE my two bulls but I love them for the pleasure they give me, the excitement, the sex, the post orgasm snuggling............ That being said my hubby is #1 in my life.
  12. verkitwme

    Did you regret it or glad you did it ?

    I resisted being shared but once I was there was no turning back. I had never been with a man with a large cock little did I know what I was missing. It literally was life changing for both myself and my husband. He's embraced his cuckold role (watching and cleaning) and I am thrilled to have...
  13. verkitwme

    What do you think the biggest barrier is?

    I think most women when presented with the option of being shared are leery as they think as I did that hubby wants some pussy on the side as well. My husband explained over and over again that was not the case (and turned out to be true). He just wanted to watch me be fully satified by a...
  14. verkitwme

    Best friend sent wife dick pic

    Impressive...............think she wants his cock now?
  15. verkitwme

    Who is from This Site you'd like to fuck?

    I"m honored !!
  16. verkitwme

    Does your wife have a favorite cock type?

    I've found I LOVE a big thick cock, minimum of eight inches, again very thick with a bigger than the shaft mushroom head. Large ball sack, shaved. I did have two uncut guys that were a lot of fun enjoyed how the foreskin could be pulled down to expose that big mushroom head. Above all is...
  17. verkitwme

    Shy Fiancee

    Be as sure as you both can that your ready for this step. Prior to getting married this "could" change your life forever..........
  18. verkitwme


    My first time was off the charts incredible. As my bull entered me (my pussy was soaking wet) it felt like thousands of electrical pulses went thru my body. I had never had sex with a well hung man before and it was literally life changing. I looked over at my husband who was stroking his...
  19. verkitwme

    Cum eating

    No I will sometimes feed it to him via my fingers though