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  1. AndyCee777

    How many people here has tried pegging

    Definitely My Kind Of Woman …; )<~~
  2. AndyCee777

    Daphne's stories

    Please Do…
  3. AndyCee777

    Lisa's adventures

    Truly Stunning. ; )<~~
  4. AndyCee777

    Cucks - do you suck cock?

    When she is with her BF / Bull …If she has me there I’m Locked in a cock cage, and I do as I’m told… she is very good at getting me into subspace prior to his arrival… once I am there in sub space there is not much I will say no to from her … I have no sexual attraction to men…that being said if...
  5. AndyCee777

    Tinder Starbucks restroom date

    What A Hot Experience ; )<~~
  6. AndyCee777

    First experience

    A Perfect Start To An Amazing Life
  7. AndyCee777

    Comment by 'AndyCee777' in media 'She wanted this 69 so much'

    Thank You..It brought back memories of being tied up and blindfolded, and made to sit in the corner as my girl at the time fucked a guy that became her new boyfriend!!! So Hot !!
  8. AndyCee777

    Comment by 'AndyCee777' in media 'Read my profile'

    What A Beautiful And Sexy Woman..Most Of Us Can Only Dream Of Having Such A Woman In Our Lives ..; )<~~
  9. AndyCee777

    Hotel fun

    My God Your So Beautiful As Well As Creative ; )))
  10. AndyCee777

    Hotel fun

    What A Good What A Good Girl …; )<~~
  11. AndyCee777

    Comment by 'AndyCee777' in media 'She wanted this 69 so much'

    WoW ..Very Hot to say the least..The beautiful sound alone painted a beautiful picture in my mind..; )<~~
  12. AndyCee777

    Wife on long weekend date with one of her bosses

    As You Should…Just Stay Busy And Try To Save Some Energy For When She Returns..
  13. AndyCee777

    Girlfriend wants to cuck me

    Amazing Story…Yep Sometimes It Happens That Quickly… I know it did for me!!! Congrats And Enjoy The Roller Coaster Ride Of The Cuckold Lifestyle!!!
  14. AndyCee777

    Teacher - Student

    She is definitely dressed for success.. That being successfully making you a Cuckold!!! She Is Very Beautiful And Sexy As Fuck ; )<~~
  15. AndyCee777

    Girlfriend wants to cuck me

    Sounds like a lot of Fun for the both of you ..hopefully you get the pleasure of cleaning his cum from her satisfied body regularly as well…If your lucky she will lock your cock in a cage and keep you there at least until you’ve completed your task of cleaning every drop of his cum form the body...
  16. AndyCee777

    Do you take the chastity off when wife is with the bull?

    After Always…If at all that night!!
  17. AndyCee777

    Big booty Latina wives

    ; )<~~ Please
  18. AndyCee777

    Older wives post

    Yes Please 🥵👅💋👅💋😋🌹😈
  19. AndyCee777

    Wives with cock in there ass

    So Yummy ; )<~~
  20. AndyCee777

    Wives with cock in there ass

    So Hot ; )<~~