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    My Fantasy about Being a Prostitute

    I will admit that this has entered my mind :)
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    His Secret Fantasy

    It has been a little while and I have been taking things a little bit farther to try and ease my husband into the idea that I am fulfilling his fantasy. Since I have made this post I have continued to see other men but with the specific purpose of telling my husband about it afterwards. I have...
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    June 2022 Lifestylers Magazine

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    My Slutty, Cheating Ski Trip Begins

    I love this all so so so much
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    Hotwife Palooza EDR

    I hope you have an amazing time! Looking forward to hearing about it :)
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    My Husband's Wife

    LOVE THIS!!!
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    His Secret Fantasy

    Thank you so much for these comments! I love it
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    His Secret Fantasy

    I don’t pretend to know everything about him or even how this is going to end up. But I know how I want it to go and what my intentions are and I hope that translates to him being happy about it.
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    His Secret Fantasy

    Thanks for the advice. I want to tell him and have him be happy that I took the steps to fulfill his biggest fantasy. I hope he loves hearing about the other men I have fucked. I am excited to tell him but have been holding off because I want to really be cheating. I think he will enjoy...
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    His Secret Fantasy

    That is what I am hoping for. I want him to be happy that I took this step and support me continuing in the lifestyle.
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    His Secret Fantasy

    I think I took the initial step because it was his fantasy. But in doing it I have found a lot of excitement for myself
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    His Secret Fantasy

    I want to tell him but am planning to do it as a surprise for our anniversary. As crazy as this sounds, I feel like I am kind of being romantic. I am secretly fulfilling his fantasy then I am going to tell him about it as a surprise. I am hoping he just loves what I am doing for him.
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    His Secret Fantasy

    For a few years now I know that my husband has had a secret fantasy about the “cheating wife”. I have found porn on his computer and sites where he reads stories about it. Last year, we were at a wedding and he was very drunk and when we were having sex he dirty talked directly about how hot...