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    I told her

    We had our first experience. She arranged to meet him alone for the first meeting. It helped everyone with the nerves, I unfortunately did not get any video or photos as we just wanted to build up and also get comfy in the game. She is gorgeous and he had to have her right away. He...
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    I told her

    Since this post my wife had been set up to flirt with a few different people on the phone. We have her all hot and bother with this biker. I've caught her looking at his d!ck pics and I couldn't be more turned on. Tomorrow is supposed to be the day she goes to f^ck him. I will wait...
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    Well Hung Guy Needed in KC

    Good and trying to yes. I've had her flirting online here and there. You?
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    Super wet.. and tight
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    I told her

    My wife and I finally talked about my fantasy of watching her have sex with another man. We have been together for 15 years as a young couple. She's never been with another man in her adult life. Just in her teen years. One day two weeks ago we finally had a large honest discussion...