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  1. Pussy licking and orgasm

    Pussy licking and orgasm

    Wife gets pussy liked and has awesome orgasm
  2. Doing 69

    Doing 69

    Wife gets pussy licked while sucking some dick
  3. Wife gets fucked

    Wife gets fucked

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    Eating wife's pussy while she watches porn

    Yep mine does that sometimes too. She watches it on her phone while getting her pussy licked. She always has a tremendous orgasm when she does that. That’s what she’s doing in this video still. I’m about to lick her while she watches porn.
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    Love eating ass

    She loves it :p And her little butthole beautiful smooth and clean
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    Comment by 'ultra_man' in media 'fucking her from behind'

    Her boobs are beautiful but that little Asian pussy is awesome to fuck 😜 and she’s always about half wet. Wet enough that you can spread her legs anytime, insert your dick, and start fucking her with no foreplay. She will get fully wet in about a minute if you do that. But of course she doesn’t...
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    Comment by 'ultra_man' in media 'rides'

    But I would definitely love to watch her get fucked hard by a bbc, that would be damn hot. And I’m sure she’d like it if she‘d just try it lol
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    Comment by 'ultra_man' in media 'rides'

    She had a big rugged looking black guy some time ago that liked her and definitely wanted to fuck her, but she was afraid. She was worried his dick was going to be too big and stretch out her pussy hahaha. I encouraged her to do it but nope, too chicken. Maybe she day she will try. But she does...
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    Hey Cucks, what is the hottest sex story your wife has told you

    Mine gave me details about how her boss was fucking her in his office. That he had a big dick and how awesome the sex was! Lots of juicy detail lol And he was married, as was she
  10. rides


    rides the cock
  11. Orgasm sounds

    Orgasm sounds

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    Comment by 'ultra_man' in media 'ride em cowgirl'

    That would be fun as hell! And her boobs are awesome, perfect shape. We have talked about it, and she fantasizes about being fucked from behind while sucking someone off. But she still prefers to fuck guys alone, shy or something. Hopefully soon she will be willing to do a threesome :)
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    Comment by 'ultra_man' in media 'ride em cowgirl'

    It’s fun for sure because you can play with her boobs. But I actually prefer to fuck her doggy style, as do most guys she says lol
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    Comment by 'ultra_man' in media 'masturbation phone sex'

    She is tasty. She loves to have her clit licked. Cums hard every time. She comes home in a couple days from vacation and she just got that pussy waxed, I can’t wait :)
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    Comment by 'ultra_man' in media 'Doggy the'

    48, but asian and never had kids. Pussy looks like a 25yo, and just as tight. Don't understand why because she's fucked a lot lol
  16. Hard fuck

    Hard fuck

    she likes it hard, too hard :)
  17. showing pussy about to fuck

    showing pussy about to fuck

    the asian pussy
  18. fucking her from behind

    fucking her from behind

    her favorite thing :)
  19. ride em cowgirl

    ride em cowgirl

    nice ass baby
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    Comment by 'ultra_man' in media 'wife fuck'

    I know the bouncing boobs are my favorite part lol