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  1. Bigdave099

    Comment by 'Bigdave099' in media 'Me Nude'

    Your sexy ASF
  2. Bigdave099


    To bad I live in the east coast ..your gorgeous and any guy would be lucky to be with you ..I'd love to play
  3. Bigdave099

    Comment by 'Bigdave099' in media 'Spread and Ready'

    Fuck of course after a few licks
  4. Bigdave099

    Comment by 'Bigdave099' in media 'Saturday Poses'

    Very nice 👍 yummm
  5. Bigdave099

    Comment by 'Bigdave099' in media 'Love My Pants'

    Wow very hot 🔥
  6. Bigdave099

    New from north east pa. My wife

    Hi from Albany NY let's meet
  7. Bigdave099

    Just saying hi

    She is very lovely
  8. Bigdave099

    I wanted her to get fucked by black man

    I may not be black but I'm hung .. I'd love to fuck her
  9. Bigdave099

    24m/23f (POLAND) for a hung bull(BBC preferred)

    She is very beautiful ... I was in Poland last year will be back in June
  10. Bigdave099

    Comment by 'Bigdave099' in media '47B9A7FA-7F40-41A3-BC77-1AFBD6CDBF91.jpeg'

    Very sexy .. would love to play with her
  11. Bigdave099

    Wife in Shower

    Love to join her in the shower ..mmmm.
  12. Bigdave099

    Would you do me if you had the chance?

    Id give you the full treatment .. lots of foreplay and fuck till I came then fuck some more
  13. Bigdave099

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    I'm in new York .. brown eyes shaven head 6'6 285 lbs 10" cock
  14. Bigdave099

    My sexy and beautiful wife loves to read comments.

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  16. Bigdave099

    my hot wife

    You a lucky man she is beautiful
  17. Bigdave099

    Comment by 'Bigdave099' in media '9.jpg'

    She is nice. . love to meet her