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    Had you experienced a bigger than average cock before you were married? Did you miss it?

    On the assumption your husband falls into the average/medium (or smaller than) range, did you ever enjoy a larger cock before you were married? Did you ever miss the sensation? When/Did you ever tell him?
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    Cock contest

    My wee willy winky
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    Advice please: wife's libido gone after seeing me use a dildo

    About a month ago my wife and I are playing and she suggests I pull my dildo out of the drawer to use on myself. I was happy with this as I had been slowly coaxing her along the road toward us both playing with dildos. Given it was at her behest, after I had warmed up I decided to get into a...
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    Wife getting a tattoo - male tattooist

    As a general update, she got the tattoo two days ago. The tattoo is on her lower thigh so the tattooist didn't see anything that anyone else wouldn't see on a warm summer day but he did spend a lot of time touching her leg and putting her into different positions with his head not far from her...
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    Small Penis toilet paper roll challenge

    I don't think pencil dicks like us can claim to fuck. Poking is about all we can do.
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    UPDATE: Wife [was] a hard 'no' on dildos.

    Yeah I'm looking for a realistic feeling one - dual density seems to be the way to go - soft outer layer and firm inner core. One that vibrates would be handy. I'm leaning toward 'Alan' by Tantus; the male name is also subtly cuck-ish.
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    Getting close or still just my fantasy?

    Hot photo! Love the outfit but the pussy even more; just asking for a Bull's big cock to fill it from behind while his big swinging balls slap against it! She's certainly getting into the fantasy by the sound of it which is at least an amber light to doing it in real life. Given you're now...
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    UPDATE: Wife [was] a hard 'no' on dildos.

    Wow, it's been a long time since I visited this thread but in good news: she took it last night :) I hadn't mentioned it to her in some time though you may have seen another post where I had used it on myself as she continued to be a hard no. So last night we're fooling around - I had been...
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    Do you like to hear stories about your wife’s past?

    I would like to though my wife has told me she only had sex with one person before - her boyfriend back in her hometown who ended up cheating on her while she was abroad. She has also told me I was much bigger than him downstairs [but she would say that wouldn't she?]. Early in our relationship...
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    First time being a nude-drawing model

    You can be confident that the vast majority (if not all) of the males in that class would have jerked off when they got home or had sex with their SO while thinking about your hot, naked body.
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    Small Penis toilet paper roll challenge

    If that's hard then you're definitely in the tooth pick dick club.
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    Boyfriends 10 inch anaconda vs husbands 7 inch penis comparison on Asian wife’s vagina in pictures

    Does that mushroom head of yours get many compliments? I've heard they're preferable to a smaller, tapered head.
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    Small Penis toilet paper roll challenge

    Well then, whip it into shape and have another go :)
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    Small Penis Humiliation?

    It's definitely always got me off - in fact my exploration of SPH is what led to me discovering the concept of cuckolding.
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    Bending over for my wife

    Impressive girth. I'd be scared to take that up my hole but I bet my wife would love it after putting up with my pencil for 12 years.
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    Bending over for my wife

    Certainly much more impressive than my shrivelled little sack.
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    Being Influenced

    If you're looking for a subtle approach, the Netflix series 'Easy' may be a good one to watch. A couple featured therein elect for an open relationship (at the wife's behest). Another couple features a young wife who cuckolds her husband while he sleeps in the next room with an old flame who is...
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    Bending over for my wife

    Working on it :) Actually, subsequent to this thread we have had one session where I fucked myself with a dildo while she sucked my cock simultaneously holding a vibe on her clit until she came. See this one: Thread 'We finally used a dildo, but not on her + Amber light for MMF.'...