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    LT affairs between older MILFs and young studs

    About 40 years ago when I was at college (that’s 17-19 years old in the UK, before University), I used to walk about 15 minutes each morning to catch the bus to college. I used to pass a street of houses - one day this middle aged women came out of her house and said that she saw me walking...
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    What is the real big difference between a white dick and a BBC?

    Nothing physically, suspect it is all psychological. The BBC is a long established female fantasy, I suspect the contrasting skin tones plays a big part. But, I’m afraid the roots of the fantasy stem from the 18th Century and have racist/colonialism undertones - the female rape-fantasy of the...
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    What Drives a Bull

    Do you mean wives cuckolded by husbands? I think that would be extremely rare if it exists at all. Do husbands lose interest in sex with their wives and seek out affairs with other partners, absolutely - but that would be rarely with the wives' permission - it's a much more toxic relationship...
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    Are Blk men really bigger?

    Things I have noticed about big, black porn - mostly the acted stuff, but also some of the seemingly real stuff. The really huge cocks always look magnificent when they are popped out of their pants, massive, intimidating and they are not even hard yet, but as the sex act follows They often...
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    Are Blk men really bigger?

    A joke. A white guy has just finished a session at the gym and whilst in the showers he can’t but glance at this tall muscular black guy with a huge penis. Eventually the white guy summons up the courage to talk to the black guy. ”So it’s true what they say about black guys” indicating to the...
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    Penis size as you age

    It cuts both ways, the woman ages too - a double-whammy. Imagine a couple in their youth, toned athletic bodies, the man sports a 6” cock, the woman enjoys 6” of penetration. Roll on some years and they are middle aged or older, both the man and the woman are carrying extra pounds. For the...
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    Do Female Led Relationships (FLR) Really Exit?

    But that’s my own point, it’s not really ‘Female Led‘ if the aspects of the lifestyle have to be mutually agreed. If the man, or the woman, says”no” then it doesn’t happen. Or if it does then it becomes something toxic. I’d also go as far as saying that the majority of hotwife/cuckold...
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    Are Blk men really bigger?

    If you conduct a random study of men, very few know that much about plumbing. But if I advertise for someone to fix my broken shower I expect the person who shows up to be skilled, experienced and have the right tools for the job. Likewise if a hotwife advertises for a professional young black...
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    Are Blk men really bigger?

    I imagine that the penis size distribution for black and white men is pretty much the same. This lifestyle will skew the statistic because most cucks are white and hot wives seek out BBCs. This will give the impression that black men are bigger.
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    Mastrubation & Moaning Clips [Wife's Edition]

    This is amazing - everything about it - the total package. The slutty outfit That it is so brazen, for anyone passing to see The sounds and the moans The big purple dildo Even the hairy pussy, normally preferred shaved but this one looks amazing
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    Would you let your BBC bull have your asshole?

    Question for hotwives, something that has always intrigued me, do you prepare in advance for anal (or order cuck to do it of course) - I‘m thinking of poo and cleaning - or is the reality that the bull goes in a big white cock and comes out a big brown cock? Also how much training do you do...
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    Would a cage help?

    This is a very good point, you could argue that the sex act for a cuckold lasts for days, weeks, months not a few minutes. I wonder if we see anticipation being better than realisation in other parts of our life. For example I find the research and planning for a home/hobby project much more...
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    Do Female Led Relationships (FLR) Really Exit?

    Another one of my academic questions, years of research (stories, posts, videos) but no practical experience, and each time FLR crops up it make me wonder whether they really exist. I’ve seen many FLR accounts, even ‘serious’ ones in proper society magazines (like vogue, cosmo etc.) and here is...
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    What Drives a Bull

    Not practicing in the lifestyle but I’ve read an awful lot over the years, it’s like I am learned academic with a PhD in the subject but with no practical experience. One thing that I have pondered on for a long time so thought I’d reach out an ask is “what drives a man to be a bull’. I have...
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    Science says size sure is superior

    I was going to say something like that but didn’t want to sound rude. But as you say middle-aged and older mothers have often lost that tightness through multiple childbirths and are often carrying excess fat, so to get the same sensation of depth and stretch that they enjoyed in their younger...
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    Science says size sure is superior

    Just watched a Mythbusters “do bigger breasts mean bigger tips”. They got a female member of the team to work the same shift in a coffee shop - was disguised, wore the same outfit each day (tight top, no cleavage) - no padding the first shift, medium padding the second shift and large padding...
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    Leaving vanilla wife for lifestyle

    Personally, I think you would be crazy to break up an otherwise happy marriage for a fantasy that you may not even like in reality. From the sex side, I’m a little confused, at first you describe the role of a cuckold, wanting to see your wife serviced by a huge cock but then you go on to...
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    An Unexpected Situation

    I imagine that most hotwife/bull scenarios are mutual two way things. The hotwife likes to have sex with different men and the bull likes to have sex with different women. If you have a situation where the hotwife and bull both want each other exclusively then surely it has become an affair...
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    My wife Megan

    Australians have the best slang - Arse Antlers (or Ass Antlers for our US friends)
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    Would a cage help?

    I have zero actual experience but have read and watched a lot. Some of the things I have noticed from watching videos - real and fake. In real videos, quite often, the bull is similar sized to the cuck, there isn’t a huge difference. I guess the age old adage ‘it’s not what you have it’s what...