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  1. Wannawatchher76

    Wifes past sexual experiences

    I love it when my wife shares her past! She was so hesitant and vague when we first got together. When the truth came out my jaw DROPPED!
  2. Wannawatchher76

    Hopefully about to happen

    You lucky lucky man. Please keep us posted
  3. Wannawatchher76

    Cock cage advice

    Anyone able to recommend a larger cage? I have ordered off of eBay Etsy and Amazon but I am having a hard time finding a cage that will close. I’m so freaking into the idea of placing that key around my wife’s neck but it seems impossible!
  4. Wannawatchher76

    Small cock? Does she want to cuck me?

    Sorry In front of our peers. She loves the idea of making me a bitch ass cuckold. She gets wet thinking about me kneeling down cleaning her up in front of a “true bull”. It’s pretty good to be made a cuckold. I love it. Most times I wish I had a tiny dick
  5. Wannawatchher76

    Small cock? Does she want to cuck me?

    Pretty similar. We’re in a smaller suburb of a large town. My wife is the opposite. Very conservative lady but she wants to make me an absolute cuckold in front
  6. Wannawatchher76

    Small cock? Does she want to cuck me?

    We did discuss that but she’s nervous to be “discovered” in our lives. She digs the anonymity of online play. We did discuss people from our past that we both know she had fucked before we met. Hot! She also told me about a friend of mine she has fantasized about. He won’t play though. In a...
  7. Wannawatchher76

    Small cock? Does she want to cuck me?

    She doesn’t really have a particular guy picked out. She was on adult friend finder and started sexting with one guy and sent some vids. He came on way wrong and went psycho. Kinda set me back a long long way. It was amazing to have her screen shot the dick picks and her reactions to them from...
  8. Wannawatchher76

    Small cock? Does she want to cuck me?

    All of the above please! Lol I’m ready to serve her. You should have seen the pleasure in her face when I told her I wanted to watch her get gang banged then lick her clean
  9. Wannawatchher76

    Small cock? Does she want to cuck me?

    Can’t wait! She was rubbing my cock earlier and got me rock hard. Then she slapped the fuck out of it. She told me “no touching”. She said if I was good and compliant she may let me cum later. She grinned and said “well maybe if you get me off right “. She totally loves being dominant with me...
  10. Wannawatchher76

    Small cock? Does she want to cuck me?

    We’re going through that process now. She goes back and forth between wanting to and feeling bad about the desire. I’m not pushy and that seems to help. I think fantasy is helping. I don’t have a small dick by any means, it’s just a tad under 8” and more thick than long. I’m pretty good at...
  11. Wannawatchher76

    Small cock? Does she want to cuck me?

    I’m in the same boat. She’s into it, would love the extra dick and says it would be a blast. Her Hangup is that she sees it as cheating. I’m frustrated because I can’t figure out a work around.
  12. Wannawatchher76

    Hottest things your wife told you

    We were discussing her past partners one night. I asked her body count. She was like “straight up sex, blowjobs or what “? That was hot af. She continued to say “straight up fuck? Like 53, no 57.” Then finished with “I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many different dudes have fingered me...
  13. Wannawatchher76

    My wife Emily and some guy Darius?

    Lucky man. I would love to find this on my wife’s phone. I would create opportunities for her and be begging to go down on her every time she returned home, just hoping to hit the jackpot.
  14. Wannawatchher76

    pictures of old wives with big tits. see

    Thanks. I’m a big fun of keeping it clean;)
  15. Wannawatchher76

    Dildo/Vibe shots

  16. Wannawatchher76

    Wives and their Dildos

    My love is a size queen. She loves to bang her collection stepping up until she cums on a massive toy. After when I enter her she feels amazing. It’s so so great when she tells me she can’t even feel me or that the bigger dicks feel so much better.
  17. Wannawatchher76

    Progress? I think so

    I have been talking to my wife about wanting her to cuckold me and my strong desire to watch her have sex for a few years now. Initially it was just talk during foreplay. Eventually we started talking about it during sex. This progressed into realistic large sized dildos. At first I thought...