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    Cheating wife caught

    Since before we were married l have suspected, and there were rumors of my wife having sexual relations with her boss, I would love to confirm them. First, he saw her, took her off the assembly line, and moved her into the office. Second, he sprang for a complete hair and makeup...
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    Comment by 'widowedcuck' in media 'Airtight wife'

    She deserves the center of Attention!
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    Hey Cucks, what is the hottest sex story your wife has told you

    She told me she skipped school to be with her boyfriend. Her mother went looking and ended up at the boyfriend's. Mom didn't knock on the door. Instead walked around house. Bedroom window was open. Mom looked in to find her daughter, naked and impaled on boyfriende's cock.
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    Hottest things your wife told you

    She has the best of both worlds then! Had a girlfriend tell me after meeting my best friend l was lucky she met me 1st, otherwise she might have gone after him. I told her she still could. That l was very proud of her sensuality and her looks. My friend had been divorced for some years(His wife...
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    Comment by 'widowedcuck' in media 'I fucked with my brother-in-law'

    I would love a turn in that line!
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    What's the hottest thing your wife has said to her lover?

    Wife said she visited an old boyfriend while I was on a hunting trip. He asked her what she thought her husband would think if he knew where she was right now? Wife just smiled and said he'd probably get turned on. Old boyfriend seemed appalled by this, so my wife added sweetly,"My husband has...
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    Husband, Best Friend and Wife Beach Trip

    My wife is excellent at sucking dick. Ironically l have only witnessed her finishing the act one time. At an on-premises swing club on our second anniversary. I have heard of fantastic finishes though. as
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    Any pics of your wife giving a handjob or blowjob?

    Got to add the Love of My Life to this mix. She has the softest mouth, warmest tongue, oh, l can go on and on.......
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    Post your wife and the girls she's played with!

    The two Debs played well together. They treated their significant men to some FFM's. They had a truly polite way of handling their men. One would hold the male's member while the other would apply the tongue and lips to the member. Loved it!
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    Covered vs bareback question

    Our first trip to an on-premises swing club was 32 years ago. My wife and l noticed during introductions how everyone stressed the importance of condom use. Then when things got rolling, the married women were the first to discard them. (My wife included)
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    Used Pussy

    Just the way l like her, pre-moistened & pre-heated
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    Hottest things your wife told you

    In exchange for my HotWife and Our Electrician ( Her current Lover at the time) to spend a three-day weekend at the hotel of their choice, they agreed to record one of their lovemaking sessions. When she arrived home, and later that night, she began a commentary & narration of the video...
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    Have you or her or him or both ever

    A married woman was a neighbor to a buddy of mine. While waiting on him to get home, l noticed she was having trouble with her lawnmower. I offered my assistance, fixed the things wrong, then mowed her yard to make sure it would stay running. She brought me over a dinner plate that...
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    Hottest things your wife told you

    I'd like to hear about that. How many men? Bareback?
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    You filming your wife with her bull

    Oooh that was soooo damn HOT!
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    Bull Pounding Hot Wife!

    Coming home late one night to find my wife bare-assed. Obviously fucked recently. Apologies for the shaky footage, but think you all will understand.
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    Bull Pounding Hot Wife!

    A rare view into our Electrician's camper
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    Bull Pounding Hot Wife!

    Thank You. The Clip was made 12 yrs into our marriage. The following stills are from Sturgis, SD., 1989. We were married during the rally. One of 75 couples Nice Butt.
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    Bull Pounding Hot Wife!

    Love the skirt. Thanks for Posting.