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    Help for convincing my Turkish wife

    :ROFLMAO::D we got taken for a ride, that's funny:giggle:
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    Older wives post

    elle est belle a croquer
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    Help for convincing my Turkish wife

    Sensiz baskasiyla olmak isterse kabul edecek misin? Kadin arkadasim kocasiyla yatip kalkmiyor artik. If she wants to be with someone else by herself, will you accept that? My fwb isn't sleeping with her husband anymore. I made an anal slut out of her.
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    Help for convincing my Turkish wife

    epeyi zor kendisi biraz da olsa oynak mi?
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    Rate my cute Wife

    #5 will do
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    Wife’s pussy wants rating

    Don't know which hole to hit first:giggle:
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    Please rate each part of my wife's body from 1 to 10.

    She's a good looking woman, I think I can make her a good fuck, if she isn't already, give her a full 10 all over
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    Question for BULLS: What do you think about a cuckold husband

    In my case, the cuck stays home and his wife drives to town in his car. He also gets to pay for the room. Neither she nor I want him around. By the time she gets home, her body has absorbed all my cum. So there's nothing left to clean, she wouldn't let him clean her either, she wants her body...
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    Divorced by your wife

    I'm the bull to a married woman. Initially us all three had a lunch together to get acquainted. The week after the wife wanted to get laid. The cuck gives his wife the family car, some money for a motel room and sends his wife to town while he stays home. I get my way with her as I see...
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    Rate My Wifes 44DD Tits

    love the hangers and her belly moving around