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    What is your favorite position to watch your wife or girlfriend get fucked?

    Missionary! My wife and her boyfriend are very much in love which I'm ok with, love makes for much better sex! I love to watch them kissing lightly but deeply as he is slowly thrusting his cock into her hot wet pussy, making sure his whole length is making it into her. They continue to kiss with...
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    Cucks, do any of your family or friends know your in this lifestyle

    Your wife is gorgeous, I sure hope that she has a lover taking care of that hot pussy and not you. I love your girly clothes too, I wear much the same things and love it. Yes my wife has a very good lover and I've been cut off for over 9 years and I don't miss it. She deserves a real lover as...
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    What's the hottest thing your wife has said to her lover?

    I walked past our bedroom one time when her lover was here for a weekend, (they took over the bedroom and I stayed in the guest room masturbating to the sounds of them making love). I overheard her say to him "Oh babe I love you so much, I wish I could still have a child because I want your baby...
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    I believe my wife is cheating

    Well if she was my hottie wife I'd be extremely happy that another man is making love to her, but I would want her to know that I'm aware of it and condone it so there's no sneaking around. She could just tell him that I'm happy to share her with him and that I would like to meet and get to know...
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    Hotwife on the fence...Progress?

    Just go with the flow, don't tell her you saw that stuff on her phone. Let her take it where she wants to go with it, chances are she'll end up meeting the man she wants as her lover and the fun will begin! Good luck!
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    Exciting times in early stages

    I had a hard time understanding what you wrote but I think you asked if we're still married, yes we are. What I meant when I said "When we were married" I meant "the date that we were married", not "we're not married anymore". We're still married and that will never change.
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    As a male, how is it to feel someone cum in you?

    Ahh too bad, we could have had some good times :)
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    Exciting times in early stages

    It works just fine, it's been this way for several years. She always tells me how much she loves me and proves it in so many ways, just not sexually and again I don't miss it nor do I blame her for not wanting it, I'm terrible at it! As I said, a woman can be in love with more than just one man...
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    As a male, how is it to feel someone cum in you?

    I'm in Canada, a few hours from Vancouver BC
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    As a male, how is it to feel someone cum in you?

    This was my bf inside of me. He's cum inside of me at least 30 times or more over the last couple of years. He always fucked me missionary style so he could kiss me while he pumped me like a girl! Unfortunately we live too far apart now, so I'm looking for another bf :)
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    Unaware cuckold

    I was fully expecting to read that he had impregnated her, what a wonderful good bye gift that would have been :)
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    Good porn sites

    A site that I love to go to is Lots of everything a cuckold or wannabe cuckold would love.
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    As a male, how is it to feel someone cum in you?

    I can't think of any other feeling I enjoy more than the feeling of a good man's cock pulsing in my pussy and knowing that he's pumping his baby seed deep into me! God I'm hard and leaking profusely just typing this!!
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    Cucks - do you suck cock?

    And use lots and lots of lube! I love a nice big cock in my manpussy, it's a wonderful fulfilling feeling lol.
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    Tasting wife's panties after getting fucked by another guy

    Hopefully she has a fulltime lover soon to keep filling her up and you get to enjoy doing this much more often. I do the same thing when my pretty wife comes home from a date night.
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    How many sissy / feminised cucks on here

    I've been feminized for almost 6 years. I wear panties (that my wife has bought for me) every day and during evenings when my wife's lover is here I wear a dress and heels, they love it.
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    I like the word ,,,Lover,,, better than ,,,Bull,,, How about you?

    My wife hates the term "bull", she says "If he's a "bull" then that makes me a "cow"! That word was never used again lol
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    Wearing panties

    These are my favorite panties. They feel fantastic, they're soft and don't cause abrasion when rubbing across my manpussy.
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    sucking cock and wearing panties

    Same with me, I haven't fucked my pretty wife in over 9 years and I've been wearing panties for several years
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    Wondering and hoping that tonight might be the night...

    It's noon here so I wasn't sure where you lived and if it already happened the evening before lol. I hope she spends the night with a decent guy and gives you the details tomorrow. Good luck, let us know :)