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    Lets see your wifes best ass pic!

    showing her ass
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    Candids and Voyeur

    love when she is unaware and shows
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    Text and Sext Wife

    Fun to have guys and girls sext her and chat with her throughout the day. Best when its a surprise for her. She like everyone so dont be shy.
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    Prettiest married pussy

    she gets so wet knowing others are lookin
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    Wife Showing off the Girls

    so hot when she walks around in just bra and neighbors are out!!
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    anyone else near cincy?
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    Candids and Voyeur

    always like to see and take the unaware hot!
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    No Bra awareness day !

    Good day to go out!
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    Anyone in Ohio

    what all u want to do???
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    Show your wife in panties cover

    mmmm like to see it barely covered?
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    Anyone in Ohio

    Looking in SW Ohio...anyone interested? to bulls or couples....
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    Anyone in SW ohio??
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    I want to email your pics to my wife

    this is hot!! how did it work out?//?? i should try this with my wife and see what happens
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    Forced/blackmailed/tricked into sex?

    my wife likes to go out in short skirts and no panties and have me play with her upskirt in public. once time we went to a crowded bar and she sat on a bar stool. She scooted to the back so he pussy and ass were having off and i could finger and play with her while standing behind her. The bar...
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    where u located?

    where u located?
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    Lets see your wifes best ass pic!

    mmm need bull to mount and slap that ass!
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    Any pics of your wife giving a handjob or blowjob?

    so hot when she sucks it all down
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    Best ass pictures of your wives and GF in panties

    mmm such hot to watch her play with hers