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    First time here. My wife Miyuki from Japan

    Does she have your permission?
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    Threesome took a different turn

    I think you're ready to let the bull take charge.
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    Threesome took a different turn

    Are you going to tell her that you want him to make you wear a chastity cage?
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    Threesome took a different turn

    It is. Giving up all control.
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    Threesome took a different turn

    Would you like him to collar her as his next time?
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    Threesome took a different turn

    At least they let you com a few times. Next time he'll want you only watching.
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    What would you like?

    What would you like?
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    Need to see more of this beauty
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    Angie’s big butt

    So Spankable.....sigh.
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    what taboo involving your wife would be hottest for you..? Does she know, and would she ever take advantage of it given the opportunity?

    Mine is to give her to a dominate couple for the weekend. She's not into women so that makes it even better
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    Fuck my desi wife For me Alphas!

    Show us a little more....
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    Chastity cages

    Any advise on cages. Lots to choose from.
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    Smackable ass

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    VERIFIED Please Verify us

    She's made for serving two at once. Hot
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    Want to watch my wife be bad!

    Have you help pack her bags for her trip. I started packing stockings, push up bras and a thong for her. Finally ended up packing her slave collar. She wouldn't take any Dildos with her but kept taking her collar.
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    Temporary tattoos

    Anyone have a good suggestion for what kind to put on the wife for getting into a little trouble? What and where have you found them?
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    My HotWife!!!!!

    Just post the tattoo for fun. I want to know if its what I think