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    Erica and me from the beginning

    Interesting story. I was in a similar situation with my first wife. She would go out with girlfriends and have sex with guys she hooked up with while out. Her friends would be doing the same. I had no problem, but she was extremely jealous of me with other women. Funny how it works out.
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    The right age to start

    I just saw the video. It doesn't look like a positive sexual experience. The lady was being used as a tool with a high degree of force. It's too bad this happened like this. I'm a firm believer in being a giver and being a receiver. You hope to feel good about giving and the same about...
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    The right age to start

    YCouple, I'd love to see it as well. It's better if the lady is a little more assertive. That way they can guide things along better and not be afraid to say no. If she is more submissive, the person she is getting down with needs to be slower and not push things too fast and far. I hope...
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    Hi, Not really. I can but it's not really worth my time. It's easy for me to make someone...

    Hi, Not really. I can but it's not really worth my time. It's easy for me to make someone look better and correct some things to make people look more attractive and I like making people feel good about themselves. I use to do a lot of that kind of editing when it was a major task but I...
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    Wife's erotic photos

    I love black and white photos. Good job and keep working on creating more images. Nude photos that don't show anything but leave it to the imagination are especially interesting. I hope you share more in the future.
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    Porn Ideas

    Try female-friendly as a keyword. Thous tend to be less slapping and spitting with better, more real acting. I call it stagging more than acting since most all videos are blocked or stagged out to create a better scene flow. I'll look for some production companies that are known for better...
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    A little backround on how she got to fucking shy guys

    Still waiting for more...would love to here the story.
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    GF's "normal" massage turns erotic

    Would like to hear more. This is one of my biggest fantasies.
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    Best erotic reading for wife is a great place to read erotica as well.
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    Shy wife is opening up.. please show her some encouragement. Photos attached

    Would I love to be your photographer...
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    What do yall think?

    Looks promising...