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    Great time with the wife

    She's unreal! Feel free to PM me as I can't you. Would love to swap advice.... or wife pics 😊
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    Wife ratings

    Thank you
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    Wife ratings

    That ass is magic! Would love to swap 😁
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    Feel free to rate my wife - she's HOT!

    Wonder woman...
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    What are my next steps . . .

    Sounds like it was a fun night and one that gave you same desire as many of us husbands here... to see your beautiful wife being pounded by another cock! The best thing you can do is head out more. More bars and clubs. Encourage her to dress sexy. Tell her constantly how beautiful she is and...
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    Wife ratings

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    Wife ratings

    No PM's.... everyone should see her....
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    Wife ratings

    Who's the 10?
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    Your wife sunbathing

    My wife
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    Feel free to rate my wife - she's HOT!

    My sexy wife....
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    Wife ratings

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    Comment by 'vurrrr84' in media 'JAR_Highlights.mp4'

    Love watching this. Awesome!! Sounds like she loved it too. Was she squirting a heap?
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    Advice from other ladies on getting my wife involved in cuckolding!

    This is fantastic advise for me on my journey! (And everyone else) I love my wife more than anything, show no signs of jealousy, insecurity, anger... and would never dream of throwing it back at her later on. Addressing her concerns in the right manner is hard. It takes time and trust.... heaps...
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    We started talking about it

    What an incredibly helpful and articulate response this is! I'm at the start of our journey, and reading your comments has helped a lot. After mentioning to my wife 5 months ago I'd love to share her, she has started to open up ever so slightly and have a bit of fun with the idea. Funny...
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    Early days - Check out my wife.

    I'm only just smaller than the glass dildo, which is 7 inches. I'm much smaller than the large dildo... that thing is thick!
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    Vixen wife wants a solo hook-up for the first time

    Got an update? Did she go through with it? If so, I'd love to know your feelings throughout it. Are you feeling ok now and has it enhanced the spark between you and your wife?
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    Early days - Check out my wife.

    We had been apart for over a week so the weekend was an absolute sex fest. She really liked the glass dildo. She hasn't seen the bigger one yet. We are going out for dinner Friday night. When we're home I'll blindfold her. I'll tell her someone else is in the room (the 8 inch cock :LOL:). Then...
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    Progress? I think so

    It sounds like you're much closer than me, however I only mentioned it to my wife around 5 months ago. I have already bought in large dildos and the talk has gotten hotter, but I'm at the start of a very long road.... My advice would be to keep your discussions as honest as possible (as you've...
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    Early days - Check out my wife.

    New toys arrived.... 7 inch glass and 8 inch clear king cock dildo. Wll report back when she's home from holidays 😉