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  1. BrianAsh

    Who here can make a slut id card for my wife.

    I’ll try but I am on vacation for a week
  2. BrianAsh

    your wife and how we rate her

    That flabby belly and cottage cheese ass would look so good wobbling as she was getting pounded.
  3. BrianAsh

    Abuse and degrade her

    How’d you get that top picture without her legs spread?
  4. BrianAsh

    Abuse and degrade her

    That blob of a tramp stamp is quite the cum dumpster
  5. BrianAsh

    Let me deep fake your wife

    What program are you using?
  6. BrianAsh

    Let me cock your hot slut

    Can you send me that wedding dress pic, or direct me to the member? I specialise in cuming on wedding pictures
  7. BrianAsh

    Tribute Tuesday

    Gearing up for some Tuesday Tributes-photo and video. Post or DM me. If you've seen my work, you know its good. The rules as usual: 1. Prefer cloted pics of wifes next door doing normal things. 2. Brides and Preggos go to the top of the list. Here's some samples of past work.
  8. BrianAsh

    Not for everyone

    I'm game. DM me
  9. BrianAsh

    Show me ur wife and help me to wank my dick

    Any higher resolution? DM me
  10. BrianAsh

    Tribute me

    I am
  11. BrianAsh


    spectacular nipples