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    Wife is public use.

    Yes I love these scenes. It's exactly the type of situation I would love to put my wife in.
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    Wife is public use.

    I fantasize about putting my wife in one of these arcade style machines in a men's public bathroom. I would come back later that day and see cum dripping from both her gaping holes from being fucked all day. Her ass would probably be red from getting smacked and people would've written on her...
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    Who would you like to see your wife naked that shouldn't?

    All my office coworkers. I would love to watch them take turns on her in the middle of the office.
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    Neighborhood finding out.

    This one will stay a fantasy since I don't want to involve non-consenting people. I fantasize about our whole street finding out I get cucked by my wife. I want the nosey neighbors to gossip about how the married "slut" down the road "cheats" on her husband all the time. I want the single guys...
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    Email my wife

    Did you ever go through with this?
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    Who has seen you wife naked that shouldn't have?

    My wife and her friend streaked naked around the block at a party when we were younger and just started dating. It was late so most people had already left, but a few friends got to see. I’m not sure if anyone else saw around the block since it was late and dark. I thought it was hot as fuck.
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    Wife' pics being shared on a chat group with friends

    You could probably roleplay this pretty easily if you wanted. Just ask for some volunteers on here to roleplay as your friends and invite them to a chat group. Then send your wife's pics to one of the volunteers and they can "leak" them to the group and they can comment on it or act shocked or...
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    One hungry ass

    I want to come over with a couple friends and take turns on her.
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    Girlfriend with best friend fantasy

    Very hot. I have the same fantasy too.
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    What's your cuckold fantasy?

    I would love to get a list of guys my wife wants to fuck. We would then pick a night where she would be blindfolded and tied to our bed and the guys would be invited over to fuck her one at a time. After they’ve all had a turn and left we would spend the rest of the night with her stroking me...
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    Pegging in-front of Friends

    I’m jealous lol. I fantasize hard about my wife fucking me in front of her girlfriends.
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    Humiliated at swap party

    This part is so hot. I've never been to a swingers party, but the thought of lubing up my wife's pussy while men line up to fuck her would be a huge turn on for me.
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    I do, but she's not ready to share pics on the internet yet. I'm hoping to someday.
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    My GF

    She's a sexy little thing! :love:
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    My wife used like a sex toy

    Yes! I love the thought of a well hung young bull just giving it to my wife whenever he feels like it.
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    You have a sexy wife! :love:
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    My wife used like a sex toy

    I have this fantasy where my wife and I live next door to a young college guy. Our bedroom window faces his house and he doesn't know that we've caught him trying to catch glimpses of my wife changing in our bedroom. It turns us both on so we eventually we confront him about it and he admits...
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    She's sexy. I'd love to spend all day passing her around between a few friends. At the end of the day we send the little slut home to you still covered and dripping with our cum. Then we spend the next week or so randomly sending you pictures and videos of the dirty things we did to your girlfriend.
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    Gf needs opinion's! Tributes welcome❤️

    Gorgeous ass and thighs! :love:
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    My Hotwife Amateur

    She's sexy! The pic of her in the boots and tight purple thong sent me over the edge!