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  1. AceFace

    Chances You are Her Biggest (or Smallest) Dick - Calculator

    I'm above average Joe yey, it's really hard to measure with the metal tapes 😂😂😂
  2. AceFace

    Listen to my wife in our martial bed fantasy

    I have never been on a forum so you will have bear with me, I'm not experienced. So I have this fantasy, we have been married since we were teens and have only been with each other, so here is my fantasy. We are at a party get chatting to a guy, and the wife gets a bit tipsy, I have never seen...
  3. AceFace

    Hi !

    Think I have a semi on 😂😂
  4. AceFace

    Hi Newby Here

    Just saying Hi, from England, my wife and I have been married since we were young, we have never been with someone else, so a bit inexperienced, would love to see her take her first man, we play act the fantasy in the bedroom, gets so excited when I mentioned I'm another man loll, any offers...